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Westerly Journeys

Julia A. West and Archibald W. Blain

THIS IS A NEW TOPIC--a rough draft: Julia Ann West of New York and Iowa
if you have information please contact webmaster

Julia Ann West appears as the wife of Archibald Worley Blain in several Lineage Reports/Descendant Files of the Patriot Ephraim Blaine of Carlisle, PA (# A010818 in the records of the Daughters of the American Revolution.) She married Archibald Worley Blain in 1839. Her birth is derived from the 1850 census of Johnson Co. IA which states she was 27 years old and therefore born about 1823.

In support of Julia's marriage to Archibald Worley Blain, aka A.B. Blain, Solon land records show that Mr. Blain quitclaimed to Julia's father, John West, 12 ac of land in swsw S12 T81 R6 in 1853. Julia's death in 1852 and burial at Oakland Cemetery in Solon is documented at Find-a-Grave as wife of Archibald Blain who is also buried there. Julia Blaine

THE MOTHER OF JULIA WEST: The claim at Ancestry that Julia's mother was "Clarissa Chiles" and that she married John West in New York in 1822 is far from proven. No sources of any kind are offered in support of the claims. (I have travelled throughout New York since 1987 going from county to county in search of a marriage record direct or implied for this couple. So far I have not found a single clue. The belief that Clarissa's maidenname was "Chiles" is based only on their son Orson's middle name. )

Clarissa apparently died about 1853 although neither her death nor burial record survived. Because of the location where the Wests lived, it is suspected that Clarissa may have been buried in the Fackler Grove Cemetery. That cemetery has only recently obtained funds to explore burials. The Fackler Cemetery is adjacent to the land originally of Archibald W.Blain a portion of which was sold to Orson C. West, his brother-in-law. Restoration and research about the Fackler Cemetery, Ely, IA is ongoing.

ANCESTRY OF ARCHIBALD BLAINE The following is taken from the records of the DAR as cited:
Archibald was born 14 Oct 1814. He married Julia West in 1839. After Julia's death Archibald married Lydia Cox. Archibald died 7 Jul 1877 Archibald was the son of Ephraim E. Blaine (1783-1863). The Blaines came from Carlisle, PA and settled in Iowa. Ephraim married Adelaide McGrew (1787-1815). Archibald's grandfather was Ephraim Blaine (1741-1795) and his great-grandfather was James Blaine (1804-1777).

Jessie B. McGrew, who may be Archibald Blain's brother or cousin, also patented land near Archibald's lands in Solon.


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1. Iowa Compiled Marriages, 1835-1850, Jordan R. Dodd

2. DAR Lineage Book of Charter Members, Vol. 34. See also Ancestor # A010818, Member: Ella Blaine Scott #200403. National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, Vol. 103:1913

B. Vital and Cemetery

1. Find-a-Grave at Juliana Blain bur. Oakland Cemetery, died 19 Oct 1852 Solon, Johnson Co., IA. Memorial # 20646022 (w/o Archibald Worley Blain # 20646010)

C. Census

1. 1840 U.S. Census, Big Grove Twp., Johnson Co. IA, NARA microfilm M704, Roll 101. John West [112030101 001011] (12 people). This indicates 1 male under 5; 1 male 5-10, 2 males 10-15 (including Orson); 3 males 20-30 (possibly including Archibald Blain); 1 male 40-50 (John) and 1 male 60-70 (possibly his father or Clarissa's); 1 female 30-40 (Clarissa) and one female 20-30, 1 female 10-15 (Julia may have one of these). This appears to contain two families.
Note also that next door was Joseph B. McGrew who was probably related to the Blaines. Archibald's mother was possibly Mary McGrew, daughter of ___McGrew. 1844 State Census, Iowa Johnson Co., Big Grove Township, transcription, p. 10, line 5, LDS film #1728630 John West household contains 7 souls (7 people--5 less than 1840)

2. 1850 U.S. Census, Big Grove Twp., Johnson Co. IA, NARA microfilm M432, Roll 208, p. 180, line 12, household 35:
Archibald Blain, 36, b. PA, farmer, $815 personal property;
Julia A. 27, b. NY
Aruah C., 9 (M), b. IA
James B., 5 (M), b. IA
John D., 3 (M), b. IA
Jessie B., 2 (M), b. IA

Note also nearby on same page at household 32:
Jessie B. McGrew, 35, b. PA, farmer, $1850 Sharlotty, 20, b. NJ

D. Land

1. Orson West was owner of record of sw 1/4 of sw 1/4 Sec 12, Twp 81N, R6W from the following deed.
Johnson County, Iowa: Orson C. West of Johnson County, IA, Deed from Charles and Clarissa Gower of Piscatquis, ME, 16 April 1851 for sw 1/4 of sw 1/4 section 12, Twp 81 N R6W , Book 9, p 131.
Archibald Blain quitclaimed some adjacent land to his [father-in-law] John West in 1853.

2. Quitclaim to John West from A.W. Blain, 8 June 1853 for 28 acres east side se 1/4 of sw 1/4 Sec 12, Twp 81N R6W, Book 10, p. 146.
It was during this time that John's wife, Clarissa, and Blain's wife, Julia died. It seems possible that these sales may be related to the estates of the two wives. Further research is advisable.


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