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Westerly Journeys

David Frank of Dauphin Co. PA and Montgomery Co. OH

...and hypothetical ancestry of Katy Frank ~1808 - 1870+ --who died in Petersburg, Indiana.

-- German or French Huguenots?
Family Legend Versus Historical Evidence

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A family myth passed down through several generations states that Katy Frank (b. abt. 1808 in PA and died aft. 1870, Petersburg, IN) descended from a French refugee named "Roberta Frank."1

The legend states that Roberta's brothers had fled across country on horseback to escape authorities. The legend might have referred to refugees from the French Revolution or to earlier Huguenot refugees or even Acadian refugees from Nova Scotia. No evidence has been found to support any such connection--but the investigation is active.

A man named Daniel Miller from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania had first settled in the vicinity of what is now Millersburg, PA between 1790 and 1794. (Dauphin County was formed from Lancaster County in 1785.) Miller laid out the village of Millersburg in July 1807. It was situated north of Berry's mountain, at the confluence of the Wiasconisco Creek and Susquehanna River, twenty-three miles north of Harrisburg. It is also claimed that the first settlers were Huguenots from Halifax, Nova Scotia.2

It is therefore possible that the Franks of Dauphin County, assumed to be German, were actually French, originally from Halifax. However many of the name "Franks" are found in the records of Lancaster County as far back as the 1750's. These would be assumed to be German Lutherans.

The story of "Roberta Franks"-- and the ancestry of Katy Frank may be a genealogical unsolved mystery worthy of further research. Was Roberta a single woman or widow? Was Katy her daughter, granddaughter or niece? Was Katy the daughter, niece or ward of one of the above Frank families?

Documentary evidence--Katy Frank

There is no proof that Katy is German or French. However the following evidence suggests she was related to a family of apparent German extraction who had lived in Millersburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania and for whom records have been found in the years following the Revolution.

Katy's verifiable record is as follows: Although born in Pennsylvania, she migrated west to Preble County, Ohio and married Samuel Painter before 1840--not necessarily in that order. By 1850 she had a family of at least five boys and one or two girls. She migrated with her husband to Pike County, Indiana by 1860. She died after 1880 in Petersburg, Pike County. Much of the details of her life come from the Civil War Service Records of her sons, John, Jeremiah and David and especially the Civil War pension file of her son, David.For further information on Katy as an adult, see Samuel Painter For theories about her birth, read the following.

Because the evidence suggests that Katy was related to the Franks of Millersburg, their family migration is presented here.


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Baptismal records indicate that David and Louisa Hornette Frank registered the births of four children: Anna Maria, Susannah, Andreas/Andrew, and Simon Peter Frank. At David's death around 1840 in Indiana, deeds pertaining to his estate mentioned only: Andrew, Simon Peter and Susan (Shaffner) Frank. No will has yet been found--only two deeds have been found that mention his estate. 3

Is it possible that Katy Frank might have been born to David and Louisa but her baptism not recorded? Details of the baptismal records show that the births of Anna Maria (1795), Susannah (1801), and Andreas/Andrew (1805) were registered at Salem Evangelical Church, Millersburg (1795-1805) and the birth of Simon Peter (1810) at Killinger's/St. Davids Reformed Church near Berrysburg. 4

There is no record that a female was born to David and Louisa between 1805 and 1810. However since the Frank family changed churches between 1805 and 1810, there is a five-year gap in births between Millersburg and Berrysburg. The baptism of Katy about 1807 might have been recorded at a different church where records have not survived.

Census records for Millersburg document the David Frank family from 1810-1820. These records show a progression of family size consistent with the baptismal records for David and Maria Louise plus one additional female born after the last birth recorded at Salem Church and before the birth at St. David's.5 The census also reveals that the family is no longer living in Dauphin County by 1830. This suggests a family migration between 1820-1830.


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Although David is not himself mentioned in military records for Dauphin County, other Franks and related surnames--Shaffner, Hayes, Spangle and Snider are found serving in the Pennsylvania 78th Regiment, in the War of 1812. A Christian Frank served under Major General Scott at the Battle of Fallen Timbers in western Ohio 1794. Since service in the Indian Wars in the 1790s sometimes resulted in land being awarded in Darke and Clarke County,Ohio, it is possible some of the Franks who settled in those counties in the 1820s had served there. The 78th Regiment helped Washington put down the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 and served other expeditions to the Northwest Territory. 6


Online resources claim that a wagon train from Dauphin County, PA left for Ohio in 1826. The possibility that David Frank joined this emigration is under investigtion. 7


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That David Frank migrated to Clark County, Ohio and then to Montgomery County, Ohio by 1830 is shown in property records and census records. (The census data also shows Katy Frank with husband Samuel Painter in the 1840 census for Preble County not too far from the where the Franks had lived in Montgomery County.)8 From the deed and land records showing David Frank's estate prior to 1840, it seems that David left Montgomery County, for Pike County,Indiana before 1840 and that Katy and Samuel went to Pike County, after 1850.9

Additional records of Montgomery County, Ohio suggest the relationship of the Frank family to the associated families of Shaffner, Spangle and Hays. (Marriages of children of David and Louisa: Susan married John Shaffner; Andrew married Salome Spangle; Simon married Rhoda Hays.)

Locations of property are as follows:10

Henry Shafner:			Township 2, Range 6, Section 8 
David Frank of Clark County 	Township 5, Range 5, Section 36 
Henry Frantz			Township 4, Range 5, Section 5 

These properties are located near Twin Creek and the Preble County border. There appear to be several Frank families in the area--one using the "Frantz" form of the name. Some Franks concentrated in "Randlph Township."


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David Frank owned land in DuBois and Pike Counties, Indiana. He died before 1840. Louisa Frank lived as a widow with her children in Petersburg, Pike County. Her burial location has not been found.

The following Franks migrated from the vicinity of Preble and Montgomery Counties, Ohio to the vicinity of Pike and DuBois Counties, Indiana, between the 1830's and the 1850s: Simon Frank, David Frank, Samuel and Catherine Painter. Land Office records show David Frank of Montgomery County, OH acquiring land patents in Pike County, IN.11.

Simon Frank was granted land inherited by Andrew Frank from his father, David Frank, according to a Pike County deed, Deed Bk. E:30, 1840; John and Susan Shaffner, heirs of David Frank granted land to David's widow, Louisa Frank, Pike County Deed Bk I:188, 1850.3.

Census data and Petersburg maps show that both Samuel Painter and Simon Frank owned mills in the same general area of Petersburg/Washington Township in Pike County, IN.

A weak connection is suggested by the 1860 census and marriages in Pike County. Louise Paynter, who may be Samuel and Katy's daughter, married Andrew [A.R.] Snyder in Pike County according to the 1860 Census. A John Painter, who may be Samuel and Katy's son, John, is also shown living with Andrew and Louisa Snyder in that same household. Furthermore, they lived next door to Simon P. Frank according to the same census.

Could the Franks have been related to a Hessian Deserter?"

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Many of the Hessian mercenaries fighting for the British in the American Revolution defected and managed to escape into the countryside. By choice many went into Pennsylvania where they could assimilate into the many German-American settlements.

One published work on Hessian deserters mentions Johann Franck, Johann Friedrich Frank and, Johann Simon Frank.12 Another lists Christian, Phillip, George and Heinrich Frank.13 These latter were among the Hessian troops captured at the Battle of Trenton, 26 December 1776 by Washington and imprisoned at Lancaster. Typically many who deserted did so by escaping on the march to Lancaster.

Prisoners listed in Pennsylvania Archives and the deserters listed in the footnotes herein may be compared to census data of Lancaster and Dauphin Counties 1790-1800.

It is possible that Roberta Franks 'uncles' were Hessian deserters who subsequently served in the Lancaster County militia and later in Dauphin County. 14

Some Pennsylvania records of Hessians and Possible Hessians are shown in the References Section.15

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Family Group Sheet

(Sources for the data are shown under "Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths, Census and Estates" under "References" below

Husband: David Frank   								  
b.  bef. 1785   									  
m.  bef. 1805    
d.  bet 1830-1840 Pike County, IN  

Wife: Maria Louis Hornette   							   
b.  abt. 1773, Pennsylvania    							  
d.  aft. 1860, Pike County, IN 		

1. Anna Maria 
b. 2 Feb 1795, Killinger, Upper Paxton, Dauphin Co. PA  
m. ____________

2. Susanna
b. 8 June 1801, Killinger    
d. aft 1850     
sp. John Shaffner   

3. Andreas(E1)
b. 29 Mar 1805, Killinger   
m. 15 Feb 1829, Montgomery Co., OH   
sp. Salome Spangle  

4. Catherine (unproven) See discussion above.

5. Simon P.   
b. 10 Sept 1810    
m1. 9 Apr 1845, Pike Co., IN    
d.  30 Jun 1885, Pike Co., IN    
sp1. Rhoda Hayes (b. 29 Jan 1825     
         d. 11 Aug  ) or 8 Nov 1854   
sp2. Sarah H. ______ 
         (b. 5 Jan 1821, d. 23 Mar 1898  
		children: Morris, Madison, Louis, Mackenny, Maria, George

In the absence of direct proof that David Frank and Maria Louisa Hornette were the parents of Katherine Frank, the following circumstantial evidence was developed:

Katherine Frank and her husband Samuel Painter appear to have had a connection to the Shaffner family--Martha Shaffner, a 10-year-old orphan, lived in their household as enumerated in the 1860 census of Pike County, Indiana.
That both David Frank and Andrew Frank had lived in Montgomery County, Ohio as well as Pike County, Indiana is established by at least three records.
  (1) A land patent to Pike County land granted to David Frank of Montgomery County,
  (2) Marriage record in Montgomery County for Andrew Frank to Salome Spangle,
  (3) deed from John and Susan Shaffner to Catherine and Anna Hau.

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1. Family Oral History:

Interview with Lillian V. Herr, 1949.

2. "Historical Sketch of Dauphin County," p. 141, (source citation tbd)

3. Records of David Frank Estate

Andrew Franks and wife Saloma to Simon P. Frank, 42 ac, land of Andrew Franks by his right from father, David Franks, deceased, dated 16 June 1840, Pike County, Indiana, recorded Deed Book E, p. 30.

John and Susan Shaffner of Tippecanoe Co., IN, heirs at law of David Frank, to Louisa Frank, widow of David Frank, dated 26 June 1850, Pike County, Indiana, recorded Deed Book I, p. 188.

4. Baptisms

Werth's/Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Killinger, Upper Paxton Township, parish records 1770-1889:

Anna Marie, b. 2 Feb 1795 to David Frank, Louise/Maria Louisa Hornette (Bapt: "No entry", mentions Anton Frelich, Marie Catharine)

Susanna, b. 8 June 1801 to David Frank and Louise/Maria Louisa Hornette (Bapt. 6 Aug 1801; mentions Henrich Meyer and Nancy)

Andreas [Andrew] b. 29 March 1805 to David Frank and Louise/Maria Louisa Hornette (Bapt:;"No entry"; mentions Johannes Ditte or Dille)

Killingers/St. David's Reformed Church, near Berrysburg, Mifflin township, 1771-1847, (viewed at Pennsylvania State Library, 9 June 2005) .

Simon Peter b. 18 Nov 1810, bapt by Rev. Becker 2 Dec 1810


Simon P. Frank to Rhoda Hayes, 9 April 1845,Pike County Indiana Marriage Records, Pike County Clerk, Petersburg, IN.

Andrew Frank to Salome Spangle, 15 Feb 1829, Montgomery County, Ohio, in Lindsey M. Brien, Montgomery County, Ohio Marriages, Vol. II, Montgomery Valley Genealogy Society, 1986.


Rhoda Franks b. 28 Jan 1825, d. 11 Aug 1854, Pike County Death Register, Petersburg, IN.

Sarah Frank d. 23 March 1898, Pike County Death Register, Petersburg, IN.

Simon P. Frank d. 30 June 1885, Pike County Death Register, Petersburg, IN.

Burial and Cemetery

Walnut Hills Cemetery, Washington Twp.,in Joan Woodhull, Pike County Indiana Cemetery Records, Vol. 3:
   Simon P. Frank, 30 June 1885, aged 74 years, 9 months, 20 days
   Rhoda M. [Hays] Frank 29 Jan 1825 - 11 Aug 1854
   Sarah H. Frank, 23 March 1898, aged 77 yr, 2 mo, 18 days, "wife of Simon P. Frank

5. Census, Dauphin Co. PA

  U.S. 1790,Census  Dauphin Co. PA, printed census transcription: 
      Dr. David Frank
      Peter Frank
      Christian Frank

   U.S. 1790 Census Lancaster Co. PA
      John Frank

   U.S. 1800 Census Lancaster Co. PA
      John Frank
  U.S. 1800 Census, Dauphin Co. PA, PE, 179 
	[KEY: males <10, 10-16, 16-26, 26-45, > 45 --females (same)]

         David Frank       00100   20100    [David under 26; Louisa under 26; 2 daus. Under 10]

         John Frank        30011   30011    [John Frank probably age 26-45; and an older male over 45;
                                             his wife is probably age 26-45 with an older female over 45.
                                             There are 3 males and 3 females under 10. John may be David's
                                             older brother.]

  U.S. 1810 Census, Dauphin Co. PA, Upper Paxton, Millersburg, NARA Microfilm Roll 54
	[KEY: males <10, 10-16, 16-26, 26-45, > 45 --females (same)]

     #135 David Frank      20010   21010    [David age 26-45; Louisa age 26-45; 2 sons under 10; 
                                             2 daus under 10; one dau 10-16. This fits the baptisms above
                                             --if Catherine is added. It accounts for Anna Mari (10-16)
                                             and Susanna/Susan and Catharine (under 10) as well as the 
                                             son, Andreas and Simon.]

          Christian Frank  00100    01000   [a male 16-26 and female 10-16]

          Andrew Spangle   00110    20110   [a male and  16-26; a male and female 26-45; 
                                             two females under 10--one of which may be 
                                             Salome Spangle who married Andrew Frank]

  U.S. 1820 Census, Dauphin Co. PA, Upper Paxton, Millersburg, NARA Microfilm M-33, Roll 102 
	[KEY: males <10, 10-16, 16-18, 16-26, 26-45, > 45 --females <10, 10-16, 16-26, 26-45, > 45]

         David Frank      020001   01001, Agriculture 
                                            [David over 45]; 2 sons 10-16 [Andreas and Simon Peter];
                                             Louisa over 45; a daughter 10-16 [possibly Catherine]. 
                                             Older daughters, Anna Maria at 25 and
                                             Susanna at 19 have by then married. 

         John Frank        01131   00001, Agriculture 
                                            [John is  the male over 45 with 3 males 16-26 
                                             (one of which is under 18) and one male 10-16. 
                                             The only female is over 45 which would seem 
                                             to rule out John as a possible father of Catherine.] 

         Andrew Frank       00101  32201, Agriculture   
                                            [Andrew appears to be the male over 45. One female over 45
                                             is shown with five females ranging in age from under 10 to 26.
                                             This may be a multi-generational family. It may also be the actual
                                             family containing Catherine.]

         John Shaffner     000301  00100, Manufacturing          
                                            [Household contains one male over 45 with 3 males 18-26 
                                             and female under 26. This family may contain John Shaffner
                                             who married Susanna Frank who would then be 19.]

  U.S. 1830 Census, Dauphin Co., PA, NARA T19, Roll 151 

        David Frank: No David Frank in the vicinity of Upper Paxton or Millersburg

        John Frank:  No John of appropriate age in the vicinity of Upper Paxton or Millersburg

        This supports the belief that David and John Frank had left for the west by this date.

6. Military

The Pennsylvania Archives, Ser. 6, Vol 7, members of the Hummelstown Light Infantry, 78th Reg , serving in the War of 1812-1814.

p. 390, Christian Frank, private under Capt. Lesher, Rifle Co., 1st Brig., 6th Div

p. 396:

Capt. Peter Snyder--non-commissioned officer, 1st, 2d and 6th Co., 78th Reg,Sgt John Snyder, --non-commissioned officer, 1st, 2d and 6th Co., 78th Reg,
Pri. John Schaffner--non-commissioned officer, 1st, 2d and 6th Co., 78th Reg
Pri. Richard Hays--non-commissioned officer, 1st, 2d and 6th Co., 78th Reg
Pri. Solomon Hays--non-commissioned officer, 1st, 2d and 6th Co., 78th Reg.

The Settlement, Formation and Progress of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania from 1785-1876, (Harrisburg, PA,: George H. Morgan, 1877):

p. 174 mentions Ensign Jacob Snyder of the Associators in 1775
p. 212 mentions deployment of Dauphin Militia to Whiskey Rebellion in 1794
p. 214 mentions Company of Peter Snyder sent to Baltimore and others to the Canadian Expedition

7. 1826 Wagon Party--alleged: comment posted at Frank Forum, GenForum. Currently unproven.

8. Census, Montgomery Co. OH

  U.S. 1830 Census, Montgomery Co. OH, Randolph Twp, NARA T19, Roll 136,  p. 288 
          [KEY: males <5, 5-10, 10-15, 15-20, 20-30,30-40,40-50,etc. in 10 year increments to 100 --females, same]

        David Frank    00001001  10000001   [David and Louisa and one male 20-25 which could be Simon
                                             plus one young female under 5--possibly an orphan. All other
                                             children are gone--including Catherine. If Catherine truly
                                             is David's daughter, she has married by 1830. She and Samuel 
                                             have not yet been found in the 1830 census for Preble, Darke,
                                             Montgomery--or any Ohio County. Note 1828 deed (Shafner to 
                                             Catherine Hau.) Could Catherine Hau be Catherine Frank Painter?]

        Andrew Frank   00001000  10001000   [One male and one female each aged 20-30. These could be 
                                             Andreas/Andrew and his wife Salome Spangle who married in 
                                             Montgomery County in 1829. They have a female in the household
                                             under age 5.]


Census, Pike Co., IN

U.S. 1840 Census Pike County, IN, NARA T-5, Roll 87-91 
[KEY: males <5, 5-10, 10-15, 15-20, 20-30,30-40,40-50,etc. in 10 year increments to 100 --females, same]

p. 228 
       Andrew Frank    020001   101001      [Andrew age 30-40-- birth 1800-1810]

p. 243 
       Luiza Frank     000001  000000001    [Luiza aged 60-70-- birth 1770-1780;1 m 30-40 birth 1800-1810]

U.S. 1860 Census, Pike County, IN, NARA Microfilm M653, Roll 289

p.124, dwelling 935 
  Simon P. Frank	head	48	wm	b. PA  occ.: miller; assets$7340/2200. 
     Sarah			36	wf	b. VA 	[See Pike Co. marriages below]
     Morris Y.		        14	wm	b. IN 
     Maddison N.		12	wm	b. IN
     Louis A.			10	wm	b. IN 
     Mackeny [?]		6	wm	b. IN 
     Maria A.		        4	wf	b. IN 
     George			1	wm	b. IN 
     Louisa Frank		87	wf	b. PA 
  dwelling 934 [next door to Simon Frank]   Back
   A.R. Snyder , head, 32, wm, b. OH  Occ.: miller; 
     Louisa, 31, wf, b. OH [Samuel Painter's daughter Louisa?] 
     Solomon, 11, wm, b. IN   
     John Painter, 32, wm, b. OH  [Samuel Painter's son John?]


9. Montgomery County, Ohio Land Records

David Frank of Clarke County, OH, from William and Dorothy Gaddes , 2 Feb 1827, Montgomery County, OH, Deed Book M, page 72, for pt of Sec 25, T4, R5, east of Meridian, about 80 acres. (Wits George Coffman, Abraham Hoffman).

David Frank of Montgomery County from David and Ann Hess of Preble County, 2 May 1836, for pt nw4 Sec 36 T5 R5 beginning at stake on David Frank's west line, middle Dayton-Union Road, Montgomery County Deed Book W, p. 523.

Lawsuit, families in Darke County vs. families in Montgomery County including Catherine Snyder, Sebring,(Sehring?), Hays, etc., Sec 11 T2 R6, Montgomery County Deed Book V, p. 594.


10. Related property in Montgomery Co., OH

Franks of Darke County vs. Franks of Montgomery County including Catherine Snyder, Bk V, p.594, T2 R6 S11

Montgomery County Deed Bk L-593: John H. Shaffner & Susan his wife to Catherine Hau and Anna Hau, town of Little York (Randolph Twp.) lot 4. Wits Ensley and Hau

David Snyder from Fautz 20 Nov 1819, Bk. H 201, GLO V26 p 528 100 ac, T5 R4 S28

Henry Shafner from Adam and Betsy Sering [Zehring/] 20 June 1835, Bk. W-204, T2 R6 nw1/4 S 18

Andrew Spangel from "Garsh----", Bk H-734, T5 R4 nw 1/4 S18

David Frank of Clark County, Ohio from Willilam and Dorothy Gaddes, 2 Feb 1827, 80 ac.Bk M -72, T5 R5, pt. S25

11. Pike and DuBois Cos., IN Land

Federal Land entry for David Frank of Pike County, OH, cert 25779, se4sw4 Sec 29 T1N, R7W, land in Pike County, IN, Vicennes Land Off. Dated 1 Oct 1840; see also David Frank of Montgomery Co. OH for T1S R5W nw4 Sec 7, 1 Aug 1839

David Frank Montgomery County, OH, cert 212 for nw4 Sec 7 T1S R5W in DuBois County, IN, dated 1 Aug 1839

Andrew Frank of DuBois County, IN, for sw4nw4 Sec7 T1S R5W, in DuBois Co. IN, 1 Aug 1839

Anthony Snyder of DuBois Co., IN, sw4ne4 Sec 25 T1S R5W, 10 May 1848


David Painter Civil War Pension File #989098, NARA Textual Records, obtained by Kimberley Fowles.

12. Clifford Neal Smith, "Mercenaries from Ansbach and Bayreuth, Germany, who remained in America After the Revolution," German-American Genealogical Research Monograph No. 2 (McNeal, AZ: Westland Publications. [1979])

13. Notes on Hessian Soldiers who Remained in Canada and the United States after the American Revolution, 1775-1784, German-American Genealogical Research Monograph Number 28, Part 2

14. Note that a Frantz cemetery in Montgomery County has a Daniel b. 1813--but Daniel, son of John of Lancaster was born in 1801.

15. Pennsylvania Archives Series 6

John Frank, Hessian Deserter
The "Hessian at Heiples" is mentioned in Pennsylvania Archives Series 6, v. 5 on p. 336. He served with the 7th Co. 2d Batt., Lancaster County Militia in 1791. He is mentioned again in Ser. 6, v. 3, p. 472 in Capt. Henry Ream's 7th Co., 2d Batt., 1789.

John Frank in the Census
He is shown living near Henry Heiple in Cocalio Township in the 1790 census for Lancaster County. He is also shown taking Communion at the Swamp Church 1790.7

Other Franks of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

David Frantz is mentioned in Pennsylvania Archives, Series 6, V. 5 , p. 378, as serving in Capt. Christopher Weidman's 2d Co., 1st Batt. 7th Reg. in Lancaster County, 1797. Could he be related to John "The Hessian?"

George Frank is mentioned in Pennsylvania Archives, Ser. 2, v. 13, p. 353 as Ensign in Col. Greenawalt's, Co. 8, 1st Batt, 1777; also p. 420 George Frank took oath of allegiance to State of Pennsylvania in Lebanon twp. 1777-8.

Pennsylvania Archives, Ser. 2, v. 13, mentions prisoners of war (on pp. 522 - 540) and especially Hessians (p. 540).

Baltzer Frantz is mentioned in Pennsylvania Archives, Ser. 6, v. 3, p. 473, as serving in the 7th Co., 2d Batt in 1789--the same unit as "The Hessian at Heiples". Page 536 of the same volume shows Baltzer serving under Capt. Michael Oberlin's Company, 5th Batt, in 1788. The children of Baltzer and Baltzer Fritz are mentioned in the records of Swamp Reformed Church at the Lancaster County GenWeb site. (Same Church where "John the Hessian" took communnion.)

Christian Frantz (and Henry Snider 4th class) are mentioned in Pennsylvania Archives, Ser. 6, v. 3, p. 494 as serving as 5th class, Lancaster County Miltia in Capt James Cook's and Maj. Scott's 4th Batt May 6, 1784. Christian Franck, Pennsylvania Archives, Ser. 6, V. 3, p. 467: Muster roll of Capt. Mathias' Henning's Co., Lancaster County 2d Batt., April 1784 (see also Ser. 6, v. 5, p. 378), 1797 Lancaster County Militia, , Capt. Weidman's 2d, Co., 1st Batt. Adam Frantz is shown on p. 547 in Capt. Gear's 5th Co. 6th Batt, 1784, Lancaster. County. Daniel Frantz is shown p. 548 as 2d class, in Capt. Reams Co., 6th Batt, 1784, Lanc Co. (See Montgomery County, Ohio.)


Miscellaneous Dauphin Records--other Franks

Brief abstracts from Dauphin County Court Records 1785-1827, Abstracts of Will Books.

Vol D. Will of John Frank of Upper Paxton 21 May 1824: to wife Susanna; sons Abraham, John, George, Daniel, David, (and dau Elizabeth dau of first wife and wife of Daniel Herman.)

Compare to Salem church baptisms for John and Susanna Frank:

Abraham b. 7 Apr 1793 to Johanness Franck and Susanna Catharine (Bapt. 19 May 1793;)
George b. 9 Oct 1799 to Johanness Franck and Susanna Catharine (Bapt. "eod die" ; mentions Daniel Franck, Maria Luisa Hornette
Daniel b. 17 Dec 1801 to Johanness Franck and Susanna Catharine (Bapt. 17 May 1802)
David b. 16 Oct 1805 to Johanness Franck and Susanna Catharine (Bapt. "No entry"; mentions David Frank

Shaffner families

A Shaffner family lived near David Frank's family in Dauphin County according to the 1820 census for Dauphin County.

Killinger's St. David's Congregation death of Martin Schaffner son of Henry and Anna Catherine Schaffner who was born 27 Sept 1759 , New Holland, Lancaster Co. PA , Bapt. By Rev. Lupp, Reformed Pastor; married 5 Aug 1782 to Fronica Haltman; had ten children, 7 sons, 3 daus; died 28 Feb 1826 leaving widow, 9 children, 46 grandchildren, 2 gr gr grans; Aged 66 y 5 m 1 day.

See also Dauphin Co. Court Recs. Vol VI: Vol Dl, p 409: Martin Shaffner of Upper Paxton, wife Feronica children, Martin, Henry, Frederick, John, Christian, dau Ann [Fleisher] Feronica [Jacob---], Elizabeth [ Keibpenheber] , son Jacob and children by Magdalena Shenk, and other children. 13 March 1826.

Other Frank/Frantz in Dauphin County

Dauphin Co. Court Recs Vol B: William Frantz of Upper Paxton, 28 July 1804; sons Henry and Jacob; det to Leonard Schneider; wits Leonard Snyder.

Dauphin Co. Court Recs Vol B Peter Frank 10 Oct 1801, Annavill twp, son Henry, Jacob, dau. Barbara [Myer] , Ann [Mark], granddaus. Ann and Eliz daus of Christian dec, grandson Christian and wife Catharine, ...more

Church Records Killinger/St. Davids: communicants etc.--21 April 1820: Catharina Franck, Hanna Frank, David Franck, and tese Shaffners: Elizabeth, Fronica, Freidrich, Christian, Heinrich and Martin. This might imply a relationship between the Shaffners and Catherine Frank, daughter. of Andreas who married 24 Mar 1822 to Johannes Stieber, son of Phillip Stieber 24 March 1822.


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