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Westerly Journeys

SAMUEL PAINTER (~1803-1884)
...dirt farmer of Virginia, Ohio and Indiana

INTRODUCTION: German Painters of the Shenandoah
A Migration to Ohio

Tragedies, orphans and family lines

When Ohio became a state in 1802 some of the first settlers to come to the Miami Valley were of German descent named "Bender"--pronounced and written as "Painter" in English. They had first settled in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. One of these, George Painter, had been murdered in a terrible massacre in colonial times. (See Mill Creek Massacre)

Many family histories have been written about this very large Painter family. This discussion will concentrate on Shenandoah Painter family members who migrated to the Miama Valley of Ohio. The goal is to identify the ancestors of one poor dirt farmer of Preble County, Ohio--to be discussed later.

The orphans of the murdered George Painter were taken in by their uncles and other relations.1

George's sons were: "Big George," "Big Phil" and Adam.

George's brother,John of Stoney Creek (~1707-~1802), also had sons: "Little George," and "Little Phil" (to distinguish them from "Big George and Phil") as well as Mathias, Adam (perhaps George's orphan), John (known as John of Swan's Pond) and Jacob. (See the "Sources" section below for property descriptions)

George's youngest son, Adam (1737-1773), had survived the Mill Creek Massacre and apparently went to live with John of Stoney Creek. Adam, having survived the massacre, was killed fourteen years later when he was ambushed, robbed and murdered. His orphans, Margaret and Mathias, were bound out to their Uncle Christian. (Note: When he grew to adulthood, this Mathias married a woman named Mary Peters and went to southwest Virginia.)

The family trees of many of the Shenandoah Valley Painter descendants are convoluted by the many early deaths of parents and the guardianships of orphans--not to mention the repeated use of the same Christian names in each family in each generation.

Revolutionary Service and Bounty Land in Ohio

German-speaking General Peter Muhlenberg led the Eighth Virginia Regiment composed solely of Virginians of German descent. They gained a reputation for being able to endure deprivation, cold and starvation better than most. Some Painters of the Shenandoah Valley served with George Rogers Clark in Illinois at Kaskaskia and Vicennes--Lewis, John and Robert "Bender".2

Some of those who had served from Virginia in the Revolution and afterwards at the frontier, were given warrants for bounty land in the part of the Northwest Territory designated as the Virginia Military District. Some of these may have been Painter descendants of the Mill Creek Massacre who migrated first to Rockingham County and then left with a mass exodus in 1813-1814 for the Northwest Territory (Ohio).3

Others acquired land in the Miami Valley as it became available by patent from the U.S. Government. One way or another the following Painters of the Shenandoah migrated to Ohio: *note

Mathias Painter --possibly the son of Alexander Painter, (son of Mathias Bender of Manheim, Germany and Hanover Twp. Philadelphia Co PA 1660-1745)

Mathias Painter had married a woman named Magdalene Schliffer and may have been the son of Alexander Painter born 1759.4 It is easy to confuse him with several other men named Mathias in Shenandoah County Records. 5

By 1801 Mathias and Magdalena Painter had left the Shenandoah and headed west. Along with George and John Painter of Rockingham they probably followed the Shenandoah to Winchester and then the Potomac to Cumberland and then the Monongahela to Uniontown where they would have stopped for provisioning before going on to the Ohio River.

Mathias Painter took up a patent in Montgomery County, Ohio He settled with his wife, Magdalena and their children, Mathias, Barbara, Ann and David, near the Twin Creek branch of the Great Miami River about ten miles from the place selected by George Painter. Mathias' son, also named, Mathias, married Christiana Wyrick in Montgomery County, Ohio in 1811. The father, Mathias, died in Montgomery County OH in 1818. 6

Big George Painter (1749-1809)--orphan of George Painter of Mill Creek

George had settled with his wife Sophia and sons George Jr. and John in Warren County. The township was called Turtle Creek and was probably east of the Little Miami River in the Virginia Military District, some ten miles east of Mathias. The next year George Painter Sr. died leaving his widow Sophia. His sons both married women named "Banta."

George (I)'s son George (II) married Magdalena Banta, called "Laney," from Mercer County, Kentucky, in 1808 at Turtle Creek.7

In 1813 John Painter, son of the late George (I), took out a patent to 160 acres in the northern part of the new county of Preble created in 1808 from Montgomery County. Although all of these various settlements were surviving it was not without the constant threat of raids from the various tribes still contending to stop the westward movement and encroachment into their lands.

Jacob, David and John--the Botetourt Painters

A man named Conrad/Coonrod Painter/Bender migrated to Virginia from Rotterdam in 1750 and settled on the South Fork of the Shenandoah River. He may be related to the Painters of the North Fork of the Shenandoah. There are several versions of the early migration. Records document the family from the time it began to reside in Botetourt County, Virginia. From those records and records in Preble County OH it is known that two brothers came to Ohio and both died there. They appear to be the grandsons of Coonrod through his son Henry. The names of these two sons were Jacob and David. The relationships are defined in the will of Henry (1832, Botetourt County, VA); will of Jacob, decd (1834, Preble County, OH); and lawsuit against estate of David, decd (abt. 1835, Preble County, OH decd), brought by heirs of Jacob decd. Note that Jacob decd in Ohio had married Mary Etzler in Botetourt County, VA in 1807.8 9

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The poor dirt farmer

The poor dirt farmer of Preble County, Ohio, is optimistically presented here in hopes of finding some descendant who will recognize him. The only reason to suspect that he is related to the Shenandoah Painters, is the fact thata he is surrounded by them.

That dirt farmer, Samuel Painter, left no records to link him to the Shenandoah Painters--except that he was born about 1803 in Virginia and lived amongst them when he reached Ohio.

Samuel's ancestry is a puzzle. The following is presented for discussion purposes only. Comments and insights are welcome.

These are the known facts: (sources shown in footnote links)

I. SAMUEL PAINTER (and his wife Katy Frank of Pennsylvania) Resided in Twin Township Preble County, Ohio from mid 1830's to the mid 1850's

According to the births of their children, Samuel Painter and Katy Frank married some time in the 1830s. No marriage record has yet been found. Katy was born about 1807 in Pennsylvania; Samuel about 1803-1805 in Virginia. Evidence suggests their parents settled first in Clarke County, Ohio and then migrated into the region encompassed by Randolph Township, in Montgomery County and Twin Township in Preble and Darke Counties, Ohio.

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John, George, Mathias and Coonrod

A. John Painter is said to have immigrated from the Palatinate with his brother George to Hanover, Pennsylvania in 1732. He acquired a grant of 400 acres on Mill Creek in 1749 in the part of Augusta County, Virginia that later became Shenandoah County. 10, 11, 12, See Augusta County, VA records.13

B. George Painter (possibly the brother of John, above) settled on Mill Creek in Augusta County, Virginia. George and much of his family were massacred by French and Indian raiders in 1758. Some of the surviving children are said to have been adopted by other Painters in Rockingham County. One son, [Big] George Painter, later migrated to Warren County, Ohio discussed above.

C. Mathias Painter, supposedly of Manheim on the Rhine, immigrated to Hanover, Pennsylvania about 1720 where he died in 1743. His sons then migrated south and settled in the part of Augusta County called Timberville, that later fell within Rockingham County, Virginia. He had a son named Alexander Painter and who was the father or guardian of the Mathias Painter who migrated to Montgomery County, discussed above. (Mathias may have been the orphan of Alexander's brother, John, who died in 1773.) See Augusta and Shenandoah records.14

D. Coonrod Painter immigrated to America about 1750 and settled in the Page Valley in Augusta County. Henry and John Painter, sons of Coonrod, later migrated south into Botetourt County, Virginia. Henry's sons, Jacob and David, migrated to Preble County, Ohio. A lawsuit and estate file in Preble County also refers to a John Painter of Washington County, Indiana who acted as attorney for one of the parties to a lawsuit. 15 Curiously one Louisa Painter of Virginia, "widow of John Painter," was a resident of Pike County, Indiana. Her obituary stated that she was one of the pioneers of that county. Pike County is the place where Samuel Painter lived for many year and where he and his wife Katy died. 16.

E. Dauphin Co., PA -- An alternative ancestry suggests that Samuel Painter, though born in Virginia, might have been taken by his parents to Dauphin County, Pennsylvania before migrating to Ohio. The names John and Jacob Bender appear in the militia rolls for the War of 1812 in that county. Among their compatriots were members of the Frank and Shaffner families who migrated to Clarke and Montgomery Counties, Ohio. Documentation supporting this alternative is found in the Frank family history.

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Some family names associated with these Painters:


George and John Painter of Rockingham County, Virginia and Warren, Preble and Darke Counties, Ohio, had property transactions and marriages with the Banta family of Mercer County, KY. Sons of John Painter of Monroe Township, Preble County, married Banta sisters, Rachel and Magdalena. In 1813 Albert Banta acquired a U.S. Patent to SE 1/4 Sec 1 T5, R3. and sold it to John Franks who also owned land in Secs 27 and 30. Banta's land fell within Twin Township, Preble County, where subjects Samuel Painter and wife, Katy Frank, settled. These records suggest a possible connection between Samuel and the Banta-Painter family of Monroe Township.

Furthermore, John Frank of Preble County may be related to David Frank of Montgomery County--and perhaps, to Katy Frank, Samuel Painter's wife. David Frank is believed to have had a brother named John as suggested in the early baptism records of Salem Evangelical Church, Killinger, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. (See Frank) This also supports the theory discussed at E. Dauphin above.


The 1850 U.S. Census for Preble County shows a 21-year-old woman named Susan Givens in Samuel's household. (It is not known if she was a Givens by marriage or by blood.). However, in the household of a different Samuel Painter, son of John Painter of Monroe Township, there appears a male child named "Givens Painter" aged three. This suggests some relationship between Samuel Painter of Twin Township and Samuel and John Painter of Monroe Township. An Edward Givens is shown in Twin Township, Darke County, Ohio in the 1850 census (p. 417). Furtermore the surnames "Painter/Bender" and "Givens" are shown frequently in similar locations described in histories of southwest Virginia. 17 18


The U.S. Census of 1850 shows an additional Painter family in Twin Township: that of Mary Painter, presumably a widow, aged 65, with a family of adults and young children. Her household also includes a younger Mary Painter, aged 25, possibly a widow. Research into the elder widow has failed to reveal the name of her deceased spouse. Date of birth of children in the household suggest she bore children through 1836. Perhaps her spouse died after 1835. She named a son, "Franklin," which is also the middle name that subject Samuel Painter gave to his son David. Among the widow Mary's sons in the 1850 census was a "Phillip," a name common to Painter descendants from Shenandoah County, one of which was a survivor of the Mill Creek Massacre.

On the other hand, Mary Painter's spouse might have been the Jacob Painter, deceased, of Botetourt, subject of the 1840 lawsuit. Jacob had married a Mary Etzler in Botetourt County, Virginiain 1807. He died in Preble County in 1832. (It is worth noting, the John Painter of Botetourt County and Washington County, Indiana, married a woman named Catharine Etzler.)

Mary's spouse might, however, have been a George Painter whose estate was proved in Shenandoah County, Virginia May 13, 1833. The 1809 and 1825 estates of Jonas and Mary Rinehart proved in Shenandoah County both refer to daughter, Mary, wife of George Painter.

The probate of David Painter of Monroe Township suggests he died without children or heir in 1835. The 1830 U.S. census states David Painter resided in Gaspar Township.

The names of Samuel and Katy's children suggest one of their fathers or brothers might have been named "Henry," "John," "Jeremiah" or "David.".

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Samuel's family and descendants are documented on a separate web page. (Please see Samuel Painter Descendants.)

A family of English Painters also migrated to Ohio in the same general region where the German Painters settled. John Painter, Quaker, of Frederick County who settled on Ceasar's Creek in Warren County OH was English and should not be confused with the subject families.)

Published Secondary Sources

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History of Washington County, Indiana, 1884, rpt. (Paoli, IN: Stout's Print Shop, 1965) pp. 871-871. Reference states that Dr. Christian L. Paynter born in Washington county, IN 19 Feb 1824 was fifth child born to John and Catharine (Etzler) Paynter, the former b. Maryland, 1785, the latter in Virginia in 1793. They immigrated to Indiana in 1822 and settled on a farm three miles south of Salem where C.L. was raised. John Paynter, a lieutenant in the War 1812 died July 1868. His widow died in 1879. They were members of the Lutheran Church. Christian served in Co. D, 2nd IN Reg in Mexican War at Buena Vista. Return


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Augusta County, VA-- these records are grouped [speculatively] by individual: Return

John of Stoney Creek aka John Sr. [1707]-[?]

John Painter Grant 400 ac Stoney Cr. "where he lives" 2-2-1749 DB G:357 (Gertrude E. Gray, Northern Neck Land Grants 1742-1775, Vol. II (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1988)

John, husband of Catherine (died fairly young leaving orphans [1730's?] - 1773

Will of John Bender: "To dear father and mother [still living?]; to wife Catherine, sister Margaret, to three sisters... Teste: John Bean, Adam Rader, Conrad Holle. Proved: 16 Nov 1773 by Jacob Mayer to be true translation [German]. Adm. Catherine Painter...John Bean, Christian Painter. [See vestry book 1773 below).

Estate of John Painter dec'd 18 Aug 1773; bound orphans Barbara to John Painter, Mathias to Christian Painter, Parish Vestry Book 16 Nov 1773

Orphans Margaret, Barbara, Mary and William bound to Christian Painter, Aug 1774, Parish Vestry Book

Alexander Painter of Timberville [1710]-[?] possibly brother of John of Stoney Creek above

Alexander Painter Deed from Adam/Barbary Rader 5 lb for adjacent land 8-2-1761 DB 9:437

Alexander Painter Bond Adm of Catherine Painter, 5-15-1764 WB3:33;7

Alexander and Margaret Painter to Christly Painter 100 lb tract pat to Alexr on north Shen.Riv, Thomas Moore survey crossing Fort Run, corner of land purchased from Adam Rader; 279 ac 5-14-1771 Dist Ct DB 6:213

Alexander and Margaret Painter to John Painter, corner of Mathias Rader land 341 ac, 5-14-177_ DB 6:218

Adam Painter son of Alexander Painter.

Adam and Elizabeth Painter to Jacob Mayer on line of Alexander Painter, 8-1772, Cir. Ct. DB 17:430

Adam and Anna Reider/ Alexander and Margaret Painter to Presby. Ch and Luther Church DirCt. DB 19:2;27

Shenandoah County VA-- these records are grouped [speculatively] by individual: Return

John of "Swan's Pond" son of John Painter, Sr.[?] - 1806.

John Painter and wife Philebina sold to Jacob Ensweller "Swan Pond"; 470 ac (original grant, Northern Neck of VA by proprietor's office 3-19-1763; next to Ulrich Pritzer [aka Woolrich Peters] Deed # 77 in presence of Jacob Painter. 1784 DB E:81

John Painter will mentions wife Philebina Catherine and sons John (blacksmith), Phillip, George, Matthias, daus Elizabeth (wife of Phillip Good, Catharina, wife of Jacob Ruby, Mary, wife of Michael Lindemutter, Christiina wife of George Lindemutter. Executor is Phillip Painter, son of Matthias, witness is George Paindar, 1806, WB G 62, 165

John Painter, Jr. from Jacob and Barbara Hisey, John and Catherine Lenewebe, 1799 DB M: 90

Mathias Painter eldest son of John of Stoney Creek aka John, Sr. He m1. [?]; m2. Christena Wiseman [?] - 1802.

Mathias Painter (eldest son of John Painter dec'd, and Christina, his wife) convey to Phillip Painter, son of Mathias, 400 ac on Mill Creek originally granted to John Painter by Lord Fairfax Propietor 2-2- 1749 (Signed in German); 6-27-1802 DB N:121

Mathias Painter to son John, Painter's Branch of Mill Creek, 6-27-1802 DB N:123

Mathias Painter to sons George and Adam, 27 June 1802 DB N: 120, 124

Mathias Painter will, wife Christina get mill; son John gets 276 ac plantation. Mentions daus. Catherine, wife of Jacob Emskwiller, Mary, wife of Isaac Benet and Christina (blind). Son George gets 200 ac and Stone House, son Phiolip get 156 ac and son Adam gets 140 ac. Minor sons: Matthias gets 185 ac on the "Big Road"; Peter and David get the tracts and mills on Mill Creek (from John's sister) 1802 WB F: 26-27.

Mathias Painter to Jacob Roaff 190 ac on Smith's Creek, 1786 DB E:45

Mathias Painter son of Adam Painter, grandson of John, Sr.; m. Mary Peters daughter of John and Catrina Peters 1791. Removed to Wythe Co.[1767] - [1842].

Mathias Painter son of John Painter, grandson of John, Sr.; m. Mary____ 1792 and removed to Pulaski Co.[1767] - [1842].

The above two may be the same person.

Mathias Painter from Daniel Matheny 140 ac ea side No. Shenandoah Riv. (original grant to Woolrich Peters by Thomas Lord Fairfax for proprietors of Northern Neck, VA 10-17-1774 conveyed to Matheny (land then in "Dunmore County-- PA VA border) 1789 DB G:383

Mathias and Mary Magdalene Painter from John Frye 10-1790 DB H:17

Mathias Painter in payment to Philip Mayer for household goods, gave one Spanish silver dollar , 11-10-1790, DB H:43

Mathias Painter (blacksmith) and wife Mary sold south side No. Shenandoah Riv., 445 ac (original proprietors grant to Joseph Rambo, 1750)

Mathias Painter probate, son of John Painter, dec'd (guardian) now of age recieves blacksmith's tools., 1807, WB [Q270,294?]

Conrad Painter

Conrad Painter conveys entire estate to Joshua Painter, son, 2-22-1792, DB H:345

Conrad and Magdalena Painter sell Hawksbill Cr. property at foot of Blue Ridge, part of 100-ac tract of Peter Crumm originall from Samuel and Ann Short of Frederick Co. 11-6-1760 (formerly conveyed to Peter Painter). Signed Conrad Benter. 1799 DB M:95

Marriages: (from Virginia Historical Marriage Register, Shenandoah County Marriage Bonds& , 1772-1850, ed./comp. by John Vogt, T. Wm. Keithly (Athens GA: 1984).

John and Catherine Painter of Washington Co. IN quitclaim inheritance to Botetourt Co. VA land to David Brush and wife Catharine Painter Brush. MEntions David dec'd w'o issue in Ohio. 1844 DB 27:140

Jacob Painter, Sr. John Painter adm for Jacob Painter Dec'd in Ohio, 1834 WB E:392

John Painter Sr. son of Conrad Painter mentions sons Conrod, Joseph, Levi and heirs, James, William, Peter and heirs, Joshua, Barney, Elizabeth White,Susan Jones, Cahterine Robessa, George, Morgan (b. 1799). "Son John now living with compensate him for care in my old age"..gave him Shenandoah County property given byi father, Conrad adjoining lad of John Crumm and Balser Lowe. 1837 WB E: 758


  Jacob Painer to Mary Etzler 6-25-1807
  Joshua Painter to Mary Slaughter 11-26-1806
  John Painter to Sarah Bean 7-16-1806
  Conrad Painter to Barbary Moulds 12-17-1797

Warren County. OH Return


  George Painter and Magdddalena Banta 6-1-1808
  Sophia Painter [widow of George?] and David Robertson 4-16-1811
  John Painter and Rachel Banta 6-30-1811

History of Warren County Ohio Illustrated (Chicago: W.H. Beers & Co)

p. 141: David Painter, Wayne Twp 1801

George Painter will rec. 2-6-1810: wife Sophia, sons John, George; daus. Sophia Price, Margaret Haney, Mary Thatcher

Preble County. OH Return

Deed, George Painter 1824 from Abner & Ester Hibbs -ea side Twin Cr 48 ac nw1/4 R2-T9-S1 1824 Bk 10

Deed,George and [Magdalena Banta] Laney Painter to Parker Phillips (2-9-1) 1826

Deed,John and Rachel Painter from William VanHOrn 80 ac (w1/2 and nw 1/4 se 1/4 Sec 12 R 2 T 9 Bk 36 1847

Deed,Saml and John Paiter Jr from Wm and Kath Van Horn land boujded by land of Samuel, John, John Painter Jr. 2-9-12 1855 Bk 43

Deed,Rachel Painter from Samuel Painter s 1/2 nw 1/4 se1/4 Attest W.C. Banta 2-9-12 1857 Bk 46

Deed,Painter Heirs lawsuit by Botetourt Co. Painters: Christian Painter, Cristian Leufman and David Brugh hiers of David Painter Dec'd suing Adam Sqihart, the adm. of David Painter's estate. David d. Preble County, apparently a widower in Gaspar Twp, Preble C. abt. 1835; 9-15-1840


  Catherine Painter to William VanHorn 1-16-1831
  Samuel Painter to Sarah Marxh 3-9-1837
  John Painter to Martha Jane Hayes 6-22-1837

Montgomery County OH Return

Marriage Book A p. 30 (Mathias Painter and Christina Wyrick, 1811. (Mathias Painter Will proved 7 May 1818 mentions wife and three children: Barbary, Anna and David, Will Book A, p. 160).

Pike County IN

Obituary, Louisa Painter (1816-1903)Pike County Democrat, 13 Nov 1903, p. 1. Return


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