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Descendants of Orringh Stone and Elizabeth Mabee

1. Orringh1 Stone, son of Capt. Enos Stone and Sarah Stoddard, was born in Lenox, Berkshire County, Massachusetts 18 November 1767.[22] Orringh died 2 April 1839 in Brighton, Monroe County, New York, at age 71.[23] He married first Elizabeth (Liesje) Mabee in 1792 in Northfield, then Ontario County (now Monroe County), New York.[24] Elizabeth was born ELIZABETH (LIESJE) MABEE 7 November 1772 in Mohawk Valley, Montgomery County, New York, [25] the daughter of Jacobus Mabee and Christiena Van De Eerwaerde. Elizabeth died 11 January 1814 in Brighton, at age 41 shortly after giving birth to her third son.[26] Orringh remarried six months later to Sally West on July 24, 1814 in Brighton.[27] Sally was born 24 February 1784 in Lee, Massachusetts, the daughter of Daniel West and Elizabeth Tracy.[28] Sally died 20 February, 1819 at age 35.[29] Orringh married a third time to Lavina Riley 5 May 1820 in Brighton.[30]

Orringh1Stone and Elizabeth Mabee had the following children born in Brighton:[31]

+ 2. i. SALLY2 STONE, born 25 August 1795;[32]married ENOCH HIBBARD.

+ 3. ii. OLIVE STONE, born 18 January 1799; [33]married ORSON WEST.

+ 4. iii. MALANA STONE, born 12 December 1800;[34] married GRANVILLE BEARDSLEY.

+ 5. iv. ELIZABETH STONE, born 3 September 1804;[35] married BRONSON HATCH.

+ 6. v. HARRIET STONE, born 20 December 1806;[36] married CHARLES HAGAMAN.

7. vi. ORRINGH STONE JR., born 3 August 1808; died, unmarried, 13 May 1834 at age 26 [38] when he fell from the Steamboat "Michigan" and drowned in Lake Erie near Conneaut, Ohio.[39]

8. vii. ENOS STONE, born 17 November 1810;[40] died Rochester, New York, 5 April 1889 at age 78.[41] He married 14 April 1853 at Galveston, Texas, MRS. SALLY BRONAUGH[42] born in Virginia about 1812,[43] died 19 January, 1881 in Galveston.[44] She married first William N. Bronaugh.[45] Enos Stone was buried in the Stone Family Plot, Brighton Cemetery.[46]

Enos Stone began his western migration in the 1830s at Niles, Michigan.[47]By age forty, he had reached the California gold fields and set up a mercantile in infamous Aguas Frias, Mariposa County.[48] Ruthless miners cruelly exploited local natives until they rebelled and took out their rage on the merchants.[49] Enos' neighbor, Senator William Miller, pleaded for Federal aid before the State Senate and as a result the Governor secured a batallion of troops to put down the uprising.[50] Enos left town shortly after this 'Mariposa War'--also after loosing a civil lawsuit.[51}

By 1853 he had found his way to Galveston, Texas where he married Sally. He settled into a life of farming and dentistry.[52] After his wife died in Galveston, Enos returned to his birthplace and lived his final years with his sister Harriet Stone Hagaman in Rochester. The probate of his estate indicates no children but many heirs through his sisters, few assets and the mementos mentioned earlier.[53]

9. viii. ALLEN THEODORE STONE, b. 11 Dec. 1813; [54]d. in Brighton 29 July 1814 at 7 months.[55]

Orringh Stone and Sally West had the following children born in Brighton:

10. ix. CAROLINE EUNICE STONE, born 15 September 1816; [56]died in 5 April 1847 in Michigan;[57] married Frederick Kingsbury 11 September 1838.[58]

11. x. ELIZA STONE, born 25 March 1818;[59] died 26 April 1897 at age 79; [60]married Samuel Knickerbocker, Calhoun Co., Michigan 21 August 1861.[61]

Second Generation

2. Sally2 Stone (Orringh1) was born in Northfield, Ontario Co., New York, (now Rochester, NY) Aug. 25, 1795[62] and is believed to have died in Bismark, St. Francois Co. Missouri, 25 August 1869 at age 74.[63] She married Enoch Hibbard, 28 May 1815 probably in Brighton.[64] Enoch was born 13 August 1790 in Pittsfield, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts, the son of Nathan Hibbard and Mary Boardman.[65] Enoch died 30 May 1880 at age 89 in Whitehall, Trempealeau Co., Wisconsin.[66]

Enoch and Sally left Brighton after 1820 and moved east possibly to be near Enoch's family still living in Pompey, Onandaga County, New York.[67]In 1840 Enoch and Sally were living in the railroad village of Fulton, town of Volney, Oswego Co. New York.[68] By 1850 they had gone west to Joliet, Illinois. [69] Enoch became a lawyer and invested in Michigan and Illinois land.[70] By 1855 they had moved to Waukegan, Illinois on Lake Michigan where they joined distantly related kinsman, Truman Hibbard, a lighthouse keeper on the lake.[71] Two of their daughters married in Waukegan and their son, William, died in there in 1855.[72] Two sons-in-law, Andrew Cady and Robert C. Van Rensselaer, invested in Wisconsin land and moved there in the 1860s. Enoch and Sally also moved to Wisconsin in 1860 and settled at Sevastopol on the peninsula of land between Green Bay and Lake Michigan.[73] They next followed their eldest son, Charles, to the mountains of southeastern Missouri where Sally died before 1870. After Sally's death, daughter, Julia, kept house for Enoch at Farmington, Missouri.[74] Ten years later, Enoch removed to Whitehall in western Wisconsin.[75] Enoch, called "Judge Hibbard", died there three months short of his ninetieth birthday.

Sally Stone and Enoch Hibbard had the following children:

12. i. CHARLES HENRY3 HIBBARD was born in Brighton 2 April 1816.[76] Charles died 14 November 1872 in Lawson, Ray Co., Missouri, at age 56.[77] He married MARIE JANE OSBORN 5 October 1843.78 Marie was born 28 August 1821 in Ohio[79] and died 25 April 1907 at Waverly, Bremer Co., Iowa.[80] Charles Henry Hibbard left New York to settle in Marengo, Illinois before 1840. He took out patents to a large quantity of public lands in Wisconsin and Illinois.[81] In 1850 two of his children succumbed to scarlet fever. After his surviving children reached adulthood he resettled first to southeastern Missouri[82] and then to Lawson, Missouri where he died.[83] His wife survived him more than thirty years and is buried next to his sister Sarah Hibbard Cady in Waverly, Iowa.

13. ii. ELIZABETH HIBBARD was born in Brighton about 1817.[84] Elizabeth died after 1890 probably in Rochester, NY, her last known residence. She married WILLIAM B. HARRIS before 1844.[85]William was born 4 April 1812 in Liverpool, New York;[86] died 12 November 1866 at 54 years 7 months, 14 days and is buried at Salina, Onondaga Co., New York.[87]

14. iii. ALEXANDER BOARDMAN HIBBARD, born in Brighton about 1819;[88] died in California about 1855; unmarried.[89] Family folklore claims a maniac shot and killed Alexander.[90] He may have gone to the Gold Rush in '49 and struck it rich.[91] When last seen he was a printer living alone on second street in the heart of old Sacramento--with $12,000 in assets.[92]

15. iv. JOHN HIBBARD, born Fulton, Oswego, Co. NY about 1829;[93] possibly died about 1863 in the Civil War, at age 34; unmarried.[94]

16. v. WILLIAM HIBBARD, born about 1836, Fulton, Oswego Co., New York;[95] died Waukegan, Illinois about 1854/5 at age 18, unmarried.[96]

17. vi. EMILY HIBBARD was born in Onondaga Co. New York about 1826.[97] She married ROBERT C. VAN RENSSELAER 10 May 1853 in Lake Co. Illinois.[98] Robert was born about 1812 in New York.[99] Robert, lived next door to Truman Hibbard,[100] a distant kin to the Hibbards of Pompey, New York. Both Robert and Emily's father were lawyers.[101] Enoch Hibbard was appointed Administrator of the estate of John J. Van Rensselaer, possibly the brother of Robert.[102] John went to California for the Gold Rush, perhaps with Enoch's son Alexander.[103] John died there in 1854.[104]

By 1859 Robert and Emily had moved to Onalaska, Wisconsin and invested in land.[[105] Robert who acted as attorney for pioneer patentees in La Crosse County himself, participated in the formation of the town of Onalaska and the Onalaska Academy, and was superintendent of schools.[106]Tragically, their five-year-old son, Dwight, died of poison in February 1860.107No trace of Robert and Emily has been found after that.

18. v. SARAH HIBBARD was born in Fulton, Oswego Co. NY about 1830.[108] She died 13 August 1904 and is buried at Harlington Cemetery, Waverly, Bremer Co., Iowa.[109] She married ANDREW J. CADY 25 January 1854 at her father's home in Waukegan.[110] Andrew was born about 1825 in Plattsburg, Clinton Co., New York.[111] Andrew died 12 June 1894 in Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon, at about 69.[112] Andrew Cady patented land in Wisconsin[113] and settled at Green Bay, Brown Co., Wisconsin.[114] He fought in the Civil War, enlisting in April 1861 as 1st Lt. in Co. G, Third Wisconsin Infantry Volunteers.[115] He served under Capt. E.L. Hubbard, Neenah Guards which mustered 29 June, 1861 and went to Hagerstown, Maryland. Andrew served until 7 November 1861 when he was honorably discharged at Muddy Bridge Camp.[116] According to Andrew's military service records he re-enlisted 21 August, 1862, enrolling in Co. F., Wisconsin 32nd Infantry, serving first as private and then sergeant. He was detailed as a clerk at Memphis under Maj. Gen. Sherman. In the winter of 1862-63 there was some error noted in his records and it was further noted that he was released from military prison 16 June 1864 and ordered to report for duty at Memphis. He was officially reported as a deserter 1 July 1864. Andrew denied the whole episode in his pension application, saying he had never re-enlisted. Andrew died while his application was pending.

Sarah made a subsequent widow's application for the pension, and stated that Andrew had indeed re-enlisted as a commissary sergeant in October, 1862 serving until 1864. It appears that the Pension Office denied her pension based on Andrew's alleged desertion.

After Andrew's death Sarah moved with her sister Julia Hibbard to Long Beach California and by 1900 the two sisters were living at the Widow's Relief Corp. Home, in Evergreen, a suburb of San Jose, California. Seven years later Sarah died and was buried next to her sister-in-law Jane Marie Osborne in Waverly, Iowa. Sarah and Andrew had no children.

19. viii. JULIA HIBBARD, born 1 Oct 1833, Fulton, Oswego Co., New York;[117] died after 1900, unmarried.[118]

3. Olive2 Stone (Orringh1) was born in Brighton 18 January 1799[119] and died 18 March 1884 at age 85 probably in Des Moines, Iowa.[120] She married ORSON WEST 19 February 1818 in Brighton.[121] Orson was born 4 January 1791 in Lee, Berkshire County, Massachusetts,[122] the son of Daniel West and Elizabeth Tracy. He died 25 October 1869 at age 78 and is buried in Des Moines.[123]

Olive and Orson left Brighton after 1830 and settled at Albion with their four boys. An infant son, Enos, died in 1832 possibly the victim of the cholera epidemic that struck Calhoun County in June of that year.[124] Their daughter Caroline was born in Albion in 1834. They sold their interest in the Orringh Stone's Brighton farm in 1844.[125] Orson patented 480 acres of farmland in Albion.[126] Together with their children they farmed adjacent parcels in Albion.[127] In 1849 sons George and Addison joined the Gold Rush. Addison died in California but George returned to the Albion farm. A year before his death Orson sold his land, some to his son, George, who took over the farm.[129] Orson and Olive then followed their son Frederick to Des Moines, Iowa.[130] Orson died in 1869 shortly after arriving. He is buried in the West Family Plot in Woodland Cemetery, Des Moines.131Olive and her son Nelson continued to live in Des Moines, on the farm of her son Frederick.

Olive Stone and Orson West had the following children:

20. i. FREDERICK ALVAH3 WEST was born in Brighton 9 December 1818.[132] Frederick died 9 August 1891 in Des Moines, Polk Co., Iowa, at age 72.[133] He married twice, first 23 June 1842, Calhoun Co., Michigan, RUTH ANN MCCRARY.[134] He married second 30 June 1847, Bellevue, Michigan, LYDIA HAYNES CORLISS[135] who was born 9 September 1826 in Easton, Washington Co., New York. She was the daughter of Mitchell Corliss and Mary Taft.[136] Lydia died 1 May 1900 in Des Moines at age 73.[137]

21. ii. GEORGE WEST, born 14 May 1820;[138]died after 1890 perhaps at Pascack, New Jersey.[139] He married 28 February 1861 in Albion, MARY ANN STONE[140] born about 1828, New York.[141]George and his brother, Addison, joined "The Albion Company," a wagon party bound for California in 1849. Though stranded for a week when the Steamer, Dahcota, was wrecked crossing the Missouri River, they restarted from Kanesville, Iowa May 2 1849.[142] George (32 years old) joined the mining camps at Kelsey in El Dorado County.[143]

George returned to Albion and married. He provided a home not only for his wife but her two-year-old son, and female relation, Polly Stone. The following year when George's sister, Caroline, died, her husband, Henry Knickerbocker, also moved in with George.[144] As early as 1868 George began selling off parcels of the farm acquired from his father.[145] Eventually he left Michigan for New Jersey and is last shown with his brother, Nelson, in Pascack, (Bergen Co. ) New Jersey in 1890.[146]

22. iii. ADDISON WEST, born 14 October 1821, never married.[147] He supposedly died 22 November 1849 in California, at about 28 years.[148] Sadly, a letter addressed to him in care of the Salt Lake City Post Office (on the overland route) remained unclaimed in 1850. His family in Michigan may not have heard the news until long after Addison died.[149]

23. iv. NELSON WEST, born 23 December, 1824; died 7 September 1901, unmarried, at age 76 in Des Moines.[150] He had lived for awhile with his brother, George, in Pascack, New Jersey.[151]

24. v. ENOS WEST, born 20 September 1830;[152] died 27 June 1832[153] probably in Albion, at age 1.[154]

25. vi. CAROLINE WEST, was born in Albion, 27 May 1834.[155] Caroline died 14 October 1862 in Albion at age 28.[156] She married 1 June 1853 in Albion, HENRY KNICKERBOCKER.[157] Henry was born 8 October 1825.[158] Henry died 15 May 1901 in Albion at age 75.[159]

4. Malana2 Stone (Orringh1) was born in Brighton 12 December 1800.[160] Malana died 19 March 1847 in Newton, Calhoun Co., Michigan, at age 46.[161] She married GRANVILLE BEARDSLY 10 July 1823 in Brighton.[162] Granville/Greenville was born 29 August 1798 in Scipio, Cayuga Co., New York.[163] He was the son of Agur Beardsley and Abigail Downs. Granville married second, Charlotte Lawton in 1851 and had four more children: Greenville, Jr, Frank Josiah, Lottie, and Nelson.[164] Granville died 11 November 1867 in Battle Creek, Calhoun Co., Michigan, at age 69.[165] Family legend states he was bound out to service at ten years of age when his father died in Scipio in 1808. Granville supposedly taught carpentry at the Auburn State Prison. Apparently he had discharged his obligation and left by the time he was fifteen in 1813.[166]He married Malana Stone ten years later in Brighton.

Malana may have been the first of Orringh and Elizabeth Stone's daughters to go west. She and Granville were said to be the first settlers in Newton, (later Calhoun County), a place that would become famous for its orchards. They took up patents to 400 acres in Sections 1 and 12.[167] Malana died sixteen years later, having born three children.168Granville remarried four years later and raised a second family.[169]

Malana Stone and Granville Beardsley had the following children:

26. i. ELIZABETH BEARDSLEY3 was born in Brighton 28 July 1824.[170] She died after 1890.[171] She married 5 December 1844 in Marshall, Calhoun Co., Michigan, JOHN JARVIS LOWELL.[172] John was born 21 July 1817 in Piermont, New Hampshire. He was the son of Benjamin Lowell.[173] John died 18 February, 1905 at age 87.[174]John and Elizabeth's first children were born in Michigan. According to tradition they joined a wagon party to California 28 March 1852.[175]

Their destination suggests they followed the Carson emigrant route over the Sierra Nevada south of Lake Bigler (now Tahoe) into California and probably arrived in the fall of that year. It is said they settled at Diamond Springs, El Dorado County.[176] When first settled in 1850 it was a popular stopping place on the emigrant road and noted for good mines, water and pasture. The gold yield at Diamond Springs peaked in 1854, the year the Lowell's daughter, Caroline, was born. They left California that summer, boarding a steamer in San Francisco bound for the Isthmus of Panama. John Lowell is quoted as saying:

"My wife rode a mule and carried the baby Carrie, 3 months old in front of her. I took Charlie 5 years old on my mule and carried my trunk on a mule, halfway across the Isthmus for 20 miles, and then we took the cars." [177]

Arriving at New York by ship, they returned to Michigan where six years later another son, Elmer, was born in Ceresco, Calhoun County.[178] They remained in Michigan another fifteen years. By 1870, according to the Census, they had migrated to Des Moines.[179] They were accompanied by their married daughter, Harriet Lowell Henry, and her family, and perhaps by Elizabeth's cousin, Frederick West and his parents Orson and Olive Stone West.

John Lowell was a butcher in Des Moines and had $12,000 in assets. John and Elizabeth lived with their daughter Harriet and family in a prosperous district.[180]John is said to have later traveled in Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, and Washington.[181] Elizabeth and John are found living in Portland in 1895.[182] No death or burial records have been found for either in Portland, Omaha or Des Moines.

27. ii. HARRIET BEARDSLEY, born 22 November 1829 Brighton;[183]died 9 August 1843 in Newton at age 13.[184]

28. iii. CAROLINE BEARDSLEY was born in Newton 1 May, 1835.[185] Caroline died 4 May 1904 in Marshall, Calhoun Co., Michigan, at age 69.[186] She married CHARLES CAMERON 9 April 1857.[187 ] Charles was born about 1813 in Scotland. He died 20 October 1870, in Marshall.[188]

5. Elizabeth2 Stone (Orringh1) was born in Brighton 3 September 1804.[189] Elizabeth died 12 September 1880 in Warsaw, Kosciusko Co., Indiana, at age 76.[190] She married BRONSON HATCH 23 October, 1834 in Brighton.[191] Bronson was born about 1804 in Massachusetts.[192] He died June 30, 1866 in Warsaw, Kosciusko Co., Indiana, at about 62 years.[193] Bronson and Elizabeth Hatch moved to Indiana at least by 1840. They raised two daughters and farmed near the community of Mishawaka in northern Indiana near the Michigan border,[194] about 10 miles from Elizabeth's brother Enos in Niles, Michigan. Not far from the Hatch farm lived a family named Hudson who had a son named George.[195] The relationship between the Hatches and Hudsons is not clear, but Elizabeth's niece, Francis Hagaman of New York, married George Hudson.

In the 1860's Elizabeth's daughters both married men named CARD. Bronson and Elizabeth then sold their Mishawaka farm and moved to Warsaw some 40 miles to the southeast. Bronson died soon after in 1866 of pulmonary consumption at age 61. Elizabeth moved in with her daughter and son-in-law, Rosetta and Varnum Card and their 4-year-old daughter, Maud. The widow, Elizabeth Stone Hatch, opened a prosperous hardware business--she had $11,000 in assets. Her son-in-law, Varnum, clerked in her store. Her daughter Harriet and son-in-law Charles Card lived two doors away where Charles clerked in a stove store.[196]Four years later Elizabeth herself became ill. She lingered six years before she passed away in 1880 at age 77.

Elizabeth Stone and Bronson Hatch had the following children born near Mishawaka, IN:

29. i. ROSETTA E.HATCH3 was born in Mishawaka, St. Joseph Co., Indiana 30 November 1837.[197] She died after 1890 probably in Warsaw, Indiana.[198] She married VARNUM J. CARD 3 September 1862 in Mishawaka. Varnum was born about 1841 in Ohio.[200] Varnum died 30 May 1890.[201]

30. ii. HARRIET L. HATCH, was born 1 August 1840 in Mishawaka.[202] She died 14 February 1900 Chicago, Illinois at age 59.[203] She married 26 March 1862, Mishawaka, CHARLES W. CARD,[204] born about 1838, Ohio.[205]

6. Harriet2 Stone (Orringh1) was born in Brighton 20 December 1806.[206] She died 27 August 1895 in Rochester, New York, at age 88.[207] She married CHARLES HAGAMAN 1 June 1835 in Brighton.[208] Charles was born in 1802,[209] the son of John Hagaman. Charles died 3 October 1844 in Brighton, at 42 years.[210] Harriet told of hiding during the War of 1812, when her father went off to fight the British on Lake Ontario. Harriet's husband died of tuberculosis when he was 42. She had just lost her father five years before and her sisters and brothers had all left the Rochester/Brighton area. Therefore the responsibility fell to her to manage 80 acres of farmland in Brighton: the Hagaman farm and the part of the Stone farm that had not been sold off.[211] She also cared for her invalid brother-in-law and four daughters. Harriet prospered raising grain, apples and dairy products.[212] Only two of her daughters married.[213]

Harriet Stone and Charles Hagaman had the following children born in Brighton:

31. i. CAROLINE3 HAGAMAN was born in Brighton, 30 April 1836.214 Caroline died 13 June 1899 in Perrysburg, Wood Co., Ohio at age 63.[215] She married LEWIS M. HUNT 15 November 1859.[216] Lewis was born about 1828 in New York.[217] Lewis died 24 September 1881, Perrysburg.[218] Caroline and Lewis Hunt lived their entire lives in Perrysburg, not far from Caroline's sister, Frances, in Toledo. Lewis was active in the business community.[219] Both Carolyn and Lewis are buried at Fort Meigs Cemetery, Perrysburg.

32. ii. MARIA HAGAMAN, was born 16 May 1837 in Brighton[220] and died 14 May 1912 at Florence, Italy, unmarried.[221] Upon the death of her uncle, Enos Stone, in 1889 Maria presented a claim against the estate in the amount of $2748 for services. The claim was disputed. In the final accounting $1150 was allowed to Maria and paid 30 May 1890. The details of the claim and dispute are not known. Her sister Jennie served as executor. Maria was travelling in Italy in 1912 when she died suddenly. She was buried in the family plot at Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester.[222]

33. iii. FRANCES HAGAMAN was born in Brighton, Monroe Co., New York 30 April 1838.[223] Frances died 3 Aug. 3, 1887 at age 49 in Toledo, Ohio.[224] She married GEORGE HUDSON 11 April 1861.[225] George was born in August 1831 in Indiana and died 21 October 1918 in Toledo.[226] Frances Hagaman possibly met her husband through her Aunt Elizabeth Stone Hatch. George's parents lived not far from the Hatches outside Mishawaka, Indiana. His father was a shoemaker.[227] George was a bookseller in South Bend before his marriage to Frances.[228] George and Frances lived most of their lives in Toledo returning frequently to Brighton. They stayed in touch with Frances' Uncle Enos Stone who loaned money to the Milburn Wagon Company, of which George Hudson was Treasurer.[229]

34. iv. JENNIE HAGAMAN, born 7 March 1840, Brighton;[230] died 7 October 1905 at 65, unmarried.[231] She was executor of her Uncle Enos' estate and is buried in the family plot, Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester.