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See the Joseph Griffith Sr burial site at Hopewell Cemetery, Muskingum Co. OH

See the Joseph Griffith Jr burial site at Washington Town Cemetery, Guernsey Co. OH

James Griffith and Elizabeth Mary Hall

Though their births and deaths are established by death certificates and obituaries in Chicago,1 much of the family history of James and Elizabeth (Hall) Griffith is based on property records from 1823-1839 in Knox and Muskingum Counties, Ohio. This is supplemented by census records from 1850 to 1880 in Iowa, Missouri and Illinois.

James Griffith was a veteranerian, farrier, and Campbellite. These labels describe his profession, occupation and spiritual life as will be discussed below. James Griffith was born some place in Baltimore, Pennsylvania or what is now West Virginia in 1801. [The record is ambiguous.] It appears that his parents came from Maryland.2

Alternate theories explain his possible origins.

Belmont County, Ohio

Whichever path the Griffiths took, census evidence suggests that James' parents, Joseph and Catherine Griffith, resided in Belmont County, Ohio by 1810. Their presence is supported by land records.3 Marriage records for Joseph's sons also establish the family's presence in Belmont County.4 Subsequent migration to Knox County, Ohio is established by deeds stating that Joseph lived in Belmont County while acquiring land in the Bladensburg area of Knox County and selling parcels to his sons.5 The move to Bladensburg in Knox County took place in 1823.In the 1830s the family migrated to Muskingum County, Ohio.6 Joseph Griffith died there in 1837 at age 71.7

Elizabeth Hall was born in Pennsylvania in 1805.8 Her birth is shown as Ohio in the census records of 1850-1870 but as Pennsylvania in the 1880 census. Her death certificate (which was probably filled out by her daughter, Rachel) states she was born in Pennsylvania. Published accounts of her family state that the Halls migrated from Baltimore to Bedford County Pennsylvania before the Revolution and came to Ohio in 1814.A Knox County (Ohio) local history claims the Halls first lived in Pickaway County but later settled in Bladensburg, Knox County. This supports the claim that Elizabeth was born in Pennsylvania.10

It is possible that both the Griffith and Hall families had lived in the same region of Bedford/Huntingdon Counties in Pennsylvania and that the ancestral home of both was Baltimore, Maryland.

Knox County, Ohio

James Griffith and Mary Elizabeth Hall married in 1825 in the village of Bladensburg in Knox County. Some records refer to James' wife as M.E. or Elizabeth. The M.E. stands for Mary Elizabeth. The marriage record calls her "Mary." 11

Property and census records show that the Halls and Griffiths both farmed near Martinsburg in Knox county.12 They then purchased property in Jackson Township which was organized in 1815. It consisted of rolling hills rich with springs, good soil, woodland and iron ore.

Clues to Origins?"

Bladensburg was named by a man named Samuel Davidson (b. near Baltimore 1778) who settled in Jackson Township in 1830. He had fought at the Battle of Bladensburg in Maryland in 1812.10

Bladensburg lay on the stage road from Mount Vernon to Coshocton and was laid out in 1833 by John and Samuel Wheeler and Washington Houk.

John Wheeler had performed the marriage of James Griffith and Elizabeth Mary Hall. Samuel Wheeler married Elizabeth's sister, Anne Hall.)

The Wheelers were 'Disciples of Christ'(Christian Church, Church of Christ, Campbellites) as was James Griffith. James Griffith's daughter Rachel Griffith Harlan was later quoted saying: "He was a member of the Campbellite, or Christian Church, and a truly devoted man."

Although the Campbellite Church (Church of Christ) was a popular new movement in the 1820s and 30s, it should be noted that it was founded by Alexander Campbell in Brooke County,[West] VA. This might suggest that the Griffiths and Wheelers had lived in Brooke County prior to Belmont or Knox County. In fact current research shows that Wheelers and Griffiths left many records in Brooke County in the 170-s and 1800's. These names appear in association earlier in Baltimore, Maryland

It seems possible they migrated to Ohio as a group--perhaps first to Jefferson County and then to Belmont County and finally to Knox and Muskingum Counties.

Watch for updates to this site -- about the origins of this family

Muskingum County, Ohio

Land records show a general migration of the Halls and Griffiths from Knox County to Hopewell Township, Muskingum County, Ohio in the early 1830s. James' parents are buried in a family plot at Hopewell Cemetery. Joseph died in 1845 at age 86. "Catherine, wife of Joseph Griffith," died in 1837 at age 71. Next to this stone is the stone of James and Elizabeth's daughter, Ruth, who died as an infant in 1838.
The last record for James and Elizabeth in Muskingum County is dated 1843. 13

Tombstones for the family of Joseph Griffith (1758-1845)

Tombstones for the family of Joseph Griffith (Jr.)(1796-1879)

Solon, Johnson County, Iowa 1850

The first record of the James Griffith family in Solon, Iowa, is the birth of youngest son, Cyrus, which according to census data took place about 1845 in Iowa.12 Not only James, but his wife and daughters as well, had claims to patents in Solon, Iowa.14 They do not appear to have stayed long.

It was probably in Solon that James' daughter, Catherine, met Orson West. They soon left Solon and the record of their whereabouts in the fifties is unclear. The Griffiths, as well as Orson West, do not appear in Iowa State census records of the 1850s in Solon. By the 1860 census James Griffith, William Griffith, and Catherine's husband Orson West,15 had accumulated some wealth. They may have disposed of some real estate--or just perhaps--they may have gone to the California gold rush. No California records have been found to substantiate this although some ships passenger records may support it.16 It is also possible that Elizabeth inherited wealth from her parents who died in 1852 although neither parent left a will or probate in Knox County, Ohio where they are buried.17

James' daughter, Rachel, married Pleasant Morris Harlan. The Harlan family history claims they married in Quincy, Illinois in 1859. 18No public record of the marriage has been found. Catherine and Orson later also lived in Quincy.

Kansas City, and Hannibal MO 1860

By 1860 James and Elizabeth were living in Kansas City, MO. Possibly due to danger in KC as Civil War related hostilities threatened safety, they moved north to Hannibal, MO by 1870.19

Chicago, IL, 1880

By 1880 they had moved north to Chicago where they lived with their daughter Rachel and son-in-law, Pleasant Morris Harlan in Chicago. They lived out their lives in Chicago and died there.

Family Group Sheet:

Details of vital statistics available from author

Husband: James Griffith			  Husband's Father: Joseph Griffith 
b. 11 December 1801 VA/MD 	      	  Husband's Mother: Catherine Burson
m. 11 January 1825, Knox County, OH 
d. 27 April 1884, Chicago,IL 

Wife: Mary Elizabeth  Hall		  Wife's Father: William Hall 
b. 12 April 1805, OH/MD/PA 	  	  Wife's Mother: Jane Lane  
m. 11 January 1825, Knox County, OH  
d. 23 September 1891, Chicago, IL 


1. Catherine
 b. 1827, [Bladensburg], OH 
 m. abt. 1850
 d. abt. 1879, [Quincy, Adams Co., IL]
 sp. Orson West 
       (b. Oct 1827 NY - d.8 April 1901, San Francisco CA)
      See Orson West and Catherine Griffith	

2. Rachel
 b. 25 Mar 1832, Bladensburg, Knox Co., OH 
 m. 28 Sep 1858, Quincy, Adams, Co. IL 
 d. 5 May 1904, bur. Union Cemetery, Kansas City, MO
 sp. Pleasant Morris Harlan 
	(b. 10 Apr 1823, Albemarle Co., VA, d. 31 Jan 1893, [Chicago?] bur. Union Cem. Kansas City MO) 
     Elizabeth G. b. 19 Oct 1859, d. 26 Jan 1861, bur Union Cem. Kansas City MO
     Kate Travilla b. ~1862-1870 
     James W. ~ 1865-1870

3. Ruth
   b. 6 Nov 1836; d. 16 Sep 1838, Hopewell, Muskingum Co. OH

4. William H.
 b. abt. 1838 OH 
 d. 7 Aug 1889, Chicago (bur. St. Joseph,MO)
 sp. Alice Combs (b.6 Oct 1849, NY, d. 13 June 1926, St. Joseph, MO
                   daughter of Charles Combs, NY) 
5. James
 b. abt. 1841 OH 

6. Elizabeth
 b. abt. 1843 OH  

7. Cyrus
 b. abt. 1845, Solon, Johnson County, IA,
 m. never married
 d. 30 Sept 1889, Chicago, IL 


William Hall came to Jackson Township, Knox County Ohio from Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania about 1814 having stopped a few years in Pickaway County, Ohio. They owned property in Township 5 Range 10 in what became Bladensburg laid out by friends John and Samuel Wheeler in 1833 (and Samuel also a son-in-law). It appears that he came with brothers and/or nephews Thomas, Elijah and Solomon. The cemetery of Bladensburg where William and Jane and many of their children are buried is on land owned by William. The family group sheets shown below are derived partly from unproven published sources. Results of a detailed investigation will be found in the Griffith-Hall-Lane Family Group Sheets (pdf file)

Family Group Sheet

Husband: William Hall					Husband's Father:[John Hall?]  
b. 1762 			 	 		Husband's Mother: 
m. abt. 1790 Huntingdon County, PA
d. 8 Jan 1852 Bladensburg, Knox County, OH  
bur. Bladensburg Cemetery  

Wife: Jane Lane						Wife's Father: Samuel Lane 
b. 1767, Baltimore County, MD 			        Wife's Mother: Mary Corbin 
d.  21 Dec 1852 Bladensburg, Knox County, OH  
bur. Bladensburg Cemetery  

 b. 23 June 1794  
 d.14 April 1830, Bladensburg, Knox County, OH, bur. Bladensburg Cemetery  

2. Obediah  
 b. 12 February 1797  
 d. 14 Feb 1869  
 sp. Mahala Corbin (b. 7 Jan 1820; d. 5 Aug 1897)
    Children: Benjamin, Ruth, Nacka, Lane, Albert Fremont,
              Abraham Lincoln, Jerome, Angenola, Washington and Columbus) 

3. Joel  
 d.after 1832

4. Mary Jane  
 b. 2 Jun 1802, Pennsylvania  
 m. 31 May 1822, Mt. Vernon, Knox County, OH
 sp. Israel Dillon

5. Anne  
 b. 14 Mar 1805, Pennsylvania 
 m. 10 March 1824  
 d. 4 July 1879
 sp. Samuel Wheeler  

6. Elizabeth M.  
 b. 12 April 1805 in Ohio or PA
 m. 11 Jan 1825, Knox  County, OH  
 d. 23 Sep 1891, Chicago
        sp. James Griffith  

7. Samuel L  
 b. 3 Oct 1807, Pennsylvania

8. Ruth    
 b. 18 Jan 1812, Ohio
[m. Evan Payne, 1837, Solon, Iowa] 

Parents of Jane Lane (above)

Rev. Samuel Lane, was born 8 February 1736, in Baltimore County (MD) where he remained until 1774 when he went to Brady Township, Bedford County (PA)--the part that was later in Huntingdon County. He died in Huntingdon County in 1812 at a small church 2 miles south of Rockhill Furnace near Augnwick Creek.

Family Group Sheet
Parents of Jane Lane (above)

Much of the information below is from  the work of L.B. Wheaton, 
Family Group Sheet, Rev. Samuel Lane, 
Huntingdon Co. PA Historical Society Library.

Husband: Rev/Maj Samuel Lane  				 Husband's Father: Samuel Lane 
b. 8 Feb 1735/6, Baltimore  		 		 Husband's Mother: Jane Wilkinson
d. 21 March 1812, Huntingdon Co. PA
bur. 22 March 1812

Wife: Mary Jane Corbin   				 Wife's Father: Edward Corbin
b. 							 Wife's Mother: Mary____
m. 2 Kezia Sias (had 10 children)
m3. Mary Wiley (no issue)


1. Mary Polly
 b. 1756, Baltimore, MD
 m. MUskingum Co. OH  
 d. 1 Jun 1842, Adamsville, Coshocton Co., OH
 sp. William Emler

2. Richard
 b. 12 Jan 1759
 m. 9 Nov 1794, [Huntingdon Co. PA]
 d. 19 Jun 1838, Bedford, PA
 sp. Hannah Morris (b. Baltimore, MD)

3. Ruth
 b. 1763, Baltimore, MD
 d. 19 Jan 1840, Franklin Co., OH
 sp. Willilam or Henry Brown

4. Abraham
 b. 1764/5 Maryland
 m. (went to Bladensburgh, KNox Co. OH 1814
 d. 30 Mar 1847, Muskingum Co., OH
 sp. m1 Mary Bakekr, m2 Mary Morris

5. Socia Tidence (Pretosia)
 b. 1766 Baltimore, MD
 sp. William Pearson

6. Jane 
 b. 1767, Baltimore, Carroll County, MD 			 
 d.  21 Dec 1852 Bladensburg, Knox County, OH  
 bur. Bladensburg Cemetery  

7. Elizabeth 
 b. 1768, Baltimore, MD
 d. Saline or Petits County, MO
 sp. Bazel Prigmore

8. Dutton Lane 
 b. 1769 Baltimore, MD
 m. 30 April 1805
 sp. Elizabeth Parkinson/Parkerson

9. Delilah 
 b. 1773, Bedford Co. PA
 d. 25 Oct 1863, Stone Valley, PA
 sp. Matthew Hall

10. Samuel Lane 
 b. 1783
 d. 1818 Muskingum Co. OH
 sp. Melinda Yorker or Jane Holmes
     (children: Richard Samuel Lane, b. 9 Mar 1810 Huntingdon Co. PA
                     m. 20 Oct 1838, Muskingum Co. OH)

Pennsylvania Origins

The Hall and Lane family migrated from Maryland to Bedford and Huntington Counties Pennsylvania -- possibly -- during the Revolution. Evidence is suggested by these military records during the Revolution in Pennsylvania. Some names appear in the records of the Revolutionary War in Chester County, Pennsylvania as early as 1776. 9

1788 'malitia'
Capt. Dean and Capt. Jaret's Co.:
30 John Griffeth
215 William Corbin
230 William Hall
233 Samuel Lane
232 Wilkerson Lane
234 Richard Lane
Capt. John Gilbreath's Company
44,Joseph Griffeth

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