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As seem and photographed Sept 30, 2009.
Facing downhill: Right side of cemetery, one row all Griffith. Left to right starting at fence.

Key: Up = upright stone
     Flat = stone flat on ground

Note -- update provided by Terry Magyar 15 Nov 2009. Enhanced photos reveal important revisions shown bracketted below.Most important is the discovery of the name "Catherine wife of" on the stone previously thought to be another Joseph Griffith.


1. [Ruth Griffith]  "Sept 1[6] [1838]"  [daughter of James and Elizabeth Griffith]
  Grave 1 Ruth Griffith

2. [Catherine wife of] Joseph Griffith  died May 1 1837 aged 71 yrs 6 m 9 days.
  Grave 2 Catherine Griffith  Not shown in published reference. 

3. "In memory of Joseph Griffith who died March 14  1845
  Grave 3 Joseph Griffith,  [Remainder is broken and illegible.]
 Note that the published reference below gives the date as 1815/1845. 

[Possible two unmarked graves--]

4. "[infant daughter of]" "Abraham &"  Henrietta GRIFFITH DIED Sept [16]
  Grave 4 d/o [Abraham] and Henrietta 

5. "SACCARRISA [?]" [daughter of William R & Edith]  "Griffith"* "died July 25 1817" "1 momth  & 20 days"
  Grave 5 Saccarissa 

6.  [MAHLON]  "GRIFFITH" "Died Feb 9, 18[48 aged 54 years]"
  Grave 6 Mahlon, [son of Benjamin] 

7. " Adaline  d/o Wm R. & E." Griffith "d. Feb 1 1854 aged 3 y 5 m"* 

8. ["Amy E. d/o Wm. R & Edith." Griffith died 3 Sep 1862? - aged 4 months, 3 days]*

9. "MAHLON GRIFFITH" "DIED" "MAR 22 1874" "AGED" "82y 2 m 3 d 
["Mary"] is inscribed on side of stone.  Probably Mary Richardson Griffith, Mahlon's wife. This age and death year agrees approximately with the ages shown for Mary in the U.S. Census 1850, 1860 and 1870. 
 Grave 9 Mahlon,Sr. 

*For graves 5, 7 and 8 above, it is speculated that all these are the children of William Richardson 
Griffith and his wife Edith Norman. The inscriptions are subject to interpretation but marriage and census
records validate the marriage. (See sources). These then would be the grandsons of Mahlon Griffith
 by his son William Richardson Griffith.

To supplement the above please see
Cemetery Inscriptions of Hopewell, Licking and Muskingum Townships, Muskingum Genealogical Society, 1975.


Joseph Griffith d. 3-14-1815/45 aged 86 years 4 months 2 days
Infant Griffith d. 9-16-1844 d/o Abraham and Henrietta 
Adaline Griffith d. 1854 aged 3 years d/o Thomas and E.
Saccarrisa Griffith d. 2-25-1847 aged 4 months 20 days d/o Willard & J.N. 
Amy E. Griffith d. 9-30-1862 aged 4 months d/o Willard & J.N.
Mahlon Griffith d. 3-22-1872 aged 82 years 2 months 3 days [might be "Mary wife of" Mahlon Griffith]
Mahlon Griffith d. Feb 1848 aged 51 or 54 years 
Mt. Sterling
Mary E. Griffith w/o David  d. Feb 21, 1861 aged 73 years 10 months 15 days. 
________Griffith d. 1860 aged 3 years 6 months 6 days d/o S.B. and Mary