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See the Joseph Griffith Sr burial site at Hopewell Cemetery, Muskingum Co. OH


A marriage record and a land transaction from Gunpowder Falls, Baltimore County, MD have recently been found. This supports the belief that Joseph and Catherine Griffith of Muskingum County, Ohio are the same as Joseph and Catharine Griffith of Gunpowder Falls.

Joseph was the son of Isaac and Ann Burson Griffith. They were all members of the Gunpowder Monthly Meeting of the Friends (Quakers). Both father and son were at least temporarily disowned by the Quakers because of their marriages. On July 9, 1786 the Gunpowder Meeting condemned “Joseph Griffith and Catharine (before marriage Burson) for marrying outside the good order." His father Isaac was disowned by the Meeting for having married his first wife's brother's widow. He was however later reinstated. It appears, however, that Joseph did not continue as a Quaker.

Joseph Griffith bought property in 1796 at Great Gunpowder Falls in Baltimore County and sold it in 1799 with the concurrence of his wife, Catherine. (The details and sources for the above is available as a pdf file. See "Details: Joseph Griffith" on the menu.)

Joseph Griffith was born in 1758 in Bucks County, PA. He came with his parents and siblings to northern Maryland in 1769.

By 1808 Joseph and Catharine Griffith had settled in Belmont County, Ohio and began acquiring land. Joseph was listed as entrymen in Belmont County.3

Joseph and Catharine then went to Knox County, Ohio with their sons.

The last property record found for Joseph and Catherine together in Knox County, Ohio, was the sale of 'the farm on which Joseph lives' to James Griffith (Knox Co. Recorder, Deed Book Bk H:210). In 1831 Joseph (alone) bought property in Martinsburg (Williamsburg) from son Mahlon in 1831 (Deed Book I:434).

In the early '30s, Joseph and his sons, appear to have moved to Muskingum, County, Hopewell Township. Joseph Griffith, Sr. purchased a lot in Hopewell Township in 1836 and his wife Catherine died there the next year. Joseph died there in 1845. They are buried side by side in the Hopewell Cemetery.7 No probate record was found for Joseph Griffith in Muskingum County.

The relationship of Joseph to his sons is merely theoretical but is supported by deeds to land in Knox County and the family burial ground at Hopewell.6

See the Griffith burial sites at Hopewell Cemetery and Washington Town Cemetery

Family Group Sheet:


Husband: Joseph Griffith 				Husband's Father:  Isaac Griffith  
b. 11 Nov 1758  Bucks County, PA			Husband's Mother:  Ann Burson 
m. 29 July 1786
d. 14 Mar 1845			 			  
bur. Hopewell Cemetery, Muskingum Co.OH			  

Wife: Catherine [Burson]				Wife's Father: ------
b. 25 Sept 1765 					Wife's Mother: ------ 
d. 1 May 1837
bur. Hopewell Cemetery, Muskingum, OH


1. Benjamin
b. abt 1788 
m. 24 January 1810, Belmont County, OH 
d. after 1850
sp. Jane Engel (b. abt 1784, NJ--daughter of Abraham Engle)

2. Mahlon
b. 21 Jan 1792 
m. 31 May 1815, Belmont County, OH 
d. 9 Feb 1848 (bur. Hopewell Union Cem., Muskingum Co. OH)
sp. Mary Richardson (b. 21 Jan 1792, d. 22 Mar 1874, bur. Hopewell Union Cem.)
    Mary was dau of Wm. Richardson and Deborah Hays and half-sister of Anne Eliza Pond 

3. Isaac.
b. [abt.  1791-3] 
m. 9 November 1815, Belmont County, OH
d. aft 1845
sp. Anne Eliza Pond (b. aft. 1796, bur. Martinsburgh Methodist Episcopal Church, Clay Twp., Knox Co. OH)
    Anne was dau of Lambert Pond and Deborah Hays Richardson and half-sister of Mary Richardson

4. Joseph
b. 26 July 1796, Maryland
m. m1. Eliza____; m2. Nancy_____
d.  5 Mar 1879, Washington Town, Guernsey Co., Ohio Gravestone
sp Nancy (b. 3 Oct 1798 - d. 24 Jan 1863, Washington Town, Guernsey Co. Ohio)

5. James
b. 11 Dec 1801
m. 11 Jan 1825, Bladensburg, OH
d. 27 Apr 1884, Chicago, IL
    sp Mary Elizabeth Hall (12 April 1805 [PA] - 27 April 1884, Chicago IL)


Most of the material below is based on the “Griffith Family” in Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks... by Clarence V. Roberts as well as Quaker records as shown under Sources below. A detailed account is in the pdf file: Details: Joseph Griffith. The history of this family will not be repeated here except to explain the second marriage of Isaac Griffith. Isaac's first wife, Ann Burson, died about 1773 at Gunpowder Falls after which Isaac appears to have moved to Loudoun County, VA where Ann's widowed sister-in-law lived. Isaac planned to marry the woman but the Quaker meeting disapproved. So they married anyway--in Frederick County. For the details of this marriage see Second Marriage

Family Group Sheet:


Husband: Isaac Griffith 				Husband's Father:  Abraham Griffith  
b. 15 Mar 1720/1, Richland,  Bucks County, PA		Husband's Mother:  Hannah Lester 
m1. Nov 1774, Buckingham Meeting, PA to Ann Burson
m2 27 Nov 1773 to Mrs. Ann Dickey Roberts Burson

Wife: Ann Burson 					Wife's Father: Joseph Burson
b. 9 Apr 1721/2 					Wife's Mother: Rachel Potts 
d. abt 1773, Gunpowder Falls, MD


1. Abraham
b. 2 Apr 1746, Richland Bucks Co. PA
m.1 3 Apr 1771; m.2 30 Dec 1788 
d. 26 Jun 1800
sp1. Mary Moore (d. 13 Sep 1784--daughter of Walter and Ann Moore)
children: Ann b. 16 Dec 1771;
          Reuben, b. 3 Feb 1774 (m. Elizabeth Price 2 Jan 1799);
          Temperence; Isaac, b. 4 Oct 1776; 
          Miriam, b. 4 Oct 1779 m. Richardson; 
          Sophia, b. 28 May 1782. 
sp2. Rachel Taylor (daughter of Thomas and Calip Taylor)
children: Thomas Taylor, b. 26 Sep 1789
          Mary, b. 21 Oct 1790
          Rachel and Abraham (twins) b. 3 Nov 1791

2. Rachel  
b. 23 Sep 1747 Richland Bucks Co. PA
m. 4 Jun 1767 Richland Bucks Co. PA
d. 5 Nov 1834 (OH or PA)
sp. Joseph Shaw (d. 3 Oct 1823 OH or PA)

3. Hannah
b. 7 July 1749 Richland Bucks Co. PA
m. 1772, Baltimore MD
d. 1 Jul 1824, Zanesville, Muskingum Co. OH (bur. "Old Quaker Cemetery") 
sp Moses Dillon
    Elizabeth b, 12 Feb 1773, Gunpowder Falls, MD
    Ann b. 29 Oct 1774 Gunpowder Falls, MD
    John b. 29 Sep 1776 Gunpowder Falls, MD
    Rebecka b. 8 Nov 1778, d. 16 Mar 1782 Gunpowder Falls, MD
    Mary b. 26 Nov 1780 Gunpowder Falls, MD
    Rebecka b. 28 Apr 1783  Gunpowder Falls, MD
    Moses b. 30 Jan 1785, d. 23 Feb 1800? Gunpowder Falls, MD
    Hannah b. 14 Jul 1787  Gunpowder Falls, MD
    Martha b. 28 Oct 1789  Gunpowder Falls, MD
    Loyd b.3 Febe 1792  Gunpowder Falls, MD 
    Isaac b. 4 Oct 1794 and d. June 1794 [sic]

4. Mary
b. 28 Jul 1752, Richland, Bucks Co., PA

5. Ann
b. 1 Feb 1754/5  Richland, Bucks Co., PA
m1. 27 Feb 1772; m2. 3 Aug 1774 Gunpowder Falls, PA  
d. 6 Jul 1792, Gunpowder Falls, PA
sp1. Aquilla Price (son of John and Rebecca Price)
sp2. William Matthews (son of William and Rebecca Matthews)
    Oliver b. 4 May 1775, Gunpowder Falls, MD
    Hannah b. 25 Nov 1776  Gunpowder Falls, MD
    Mary b. 3 Dec 1778 Gunpowder Falls, MD
    Elizabeth b. 19 Jul 1782 Gunpowder Falls, MD
    William b. 19 Jan 1784 Gunpowder Falls, MD, d. 20 Feb 1784
    Rebecca b. Mar 1785 Gunpowder Falls, MD
    Miriam b. 20 Nov 1786 Gunpowder Falls, MD
    Sarah b. 16 Dec 1788 Gunpowder Falls, MD
    Rachel b. 7 Feb 1791 Gunpowder Falls, MD
    Ruth b. 7 Jan 1792, d. 1 Feb 1792 Gunpowder Falls, MD

6. Sarah
b. 15 Nov 1758 Richland, Bucks Co., PA
(accused of unseemly company with a married man 25 Nov 1772

7. Joseph (see above)

8. Martha
b. 23 Feb 1760 Richland, Bucks Co., PA

9. Elizabeth (shown as child of Isaac in Gunpowder Meeting minutes, 1769, p. 59)
b. (not shown with children of Isaac in the Robert's genealogy)
(Removed from Gunpowder Meeting, Aug 1780 having been "married by a priest")

10. Isaac Jr.
b. 7 June 1764 Richland, Bucks Co., PA

11. John
b. 29 May 1766 Richland, Bucks Co., PA
(Removed from Gunpowder Falls 30 Sep 1786 "leaving these parts in a clandestine manner")

12. James
b. 16 Nov 1869, Gunpowder Falls, MD

Quaker Sources:

1.	Henry C. Peden, Quaker Records of Northern Maryland, 1716-1800.(np):

        Gunpowder Monthly Meeting--
        a.	Isaac and Ann Griffith and children, p. 59
        b.	Ann Griffith and Aquilla Price, p. 51
        c.	Ann Griffith and William Matthews, p. 57; death of Ann, p. 9.
        d.	Abraham Griffith, Mary Moore and children pp. 9, 10. Also death of Mary Griffith, p.10 
        e.	Abraham Griffith, Rachel Taylor and children; also death of Abraham Griffith, pp. 21, 86, 87
        f.	Moses Dillon and Hannah Griffith and children, p.11.
        g.	Joseph Griffith and Catherine Burson, p. 74, 82
        h.	Elizabeth Griffith, p. 73 (married out by priest)
        i.	Rachel Griffith Shaw and children, p73;  Joseph Shaw, p.64 (drinking,)
        j.	Sarah Griffith, p. 63 (unseeming company with married man) 
        k.	John Griffith, p. 83 (uncleanness, leaving in clandestine manner…)

2.	William Wade Hinshaw, Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol. IV  [Pennsylvania, Ohio]
        Redstone Monthly Meeting [Fayette Co., PA]--
        a.	Moses and Hannah Dillon and children, p. 63

3.	Hinshaw, op. cit, Vol VI [Virginia]
        Fairfax Monthly Meeting--
        a.	Isaac Griffith and widow Ann Burson marriage,  p. 498  

4.  Clarence V. Roberts, Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania (Roberts & Ely, 1925)
        a.	Griffith: pp. 211-218.
	b. 	Burson, p. 74
	c. 	Shaw, p. 517.

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