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Selected Pilgrim Marriage Records--Leyden Archives

The folio pages with transcription and translation (shown below) were provided by the Leyden Archives.

They can be photocopied and mailed to you for a small fee. Please see the documentary evidence page for ordering details.

Bethrothal Book B.

Roger Symonson/Simmons to Sarah Minther. (Roger: a mason of Sarum, res. Amsterdam, acc. by Daniel Firfield his future brother-in-law and John Carver. Sarah from Norwich, widow of William Minther, res. Leyuden, acc. by Thomas Willet, father and Alice Willet, mother) July 1618, Folio 77 recto.

Daniel Fairfield to REbecca Willet. (Daniel: a bachelor saywerker of Colchester, acc. by Roger Symonson his future brother-in-law. REbecca, spinsterfrom Norwich, acc. by Mary Allerton) August 1618, Folio 77 recto.

Samuel Thomasson to Elisabeth Seymour. (Samuel: bachelor acc. by Samuel Lee, his brother-in-law. Elisabeth: spinster acc. by Jane Seymour, sister) January 1623 Folio 143 recto.

Michael Hardy to Mary Hardy. (Michael: baizeworker bachelor of Sudbury, res Scheystrate, acc by Francois Le Leu. Mary: spinster of Colchester, res. Coepoortgraft, acc. by Ann Spooner in Noorteynde.) September 11 1626.Folio 91 verso.

Stephen Tracey to Tryphosa Lee. (Stephen: sayworker bachelor acc. by Anthony Clements. Tryphosa: spinster acc. by Rose Jennings) December 1620. Folio 112 recto.(See image below).

John Reynolds to Prudence Grindon. (John: printer bachelor of London acc. by Jonathan Williamson (Brewster). Prudence: spinster of London acc. by Mary Brewster and Mary Allerton) July 28, 1617 Folio 66 recto.

William Morris to Dirckgen Dircx (William: hatmaker bachelor res Edward Williams', acc. by John Sterling, cousin and John Morris. Dirckgen: of Leyden, widow of robbrecht Jansz, acc. by Elizabeth Morris and Magdalena Pieters) July 28, 1617, Folio 66 recto.


Book B


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