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Lost Colony
Colonial Migrations
  & New York

Post-Revolutionary Expansion
  New York & Six Nations
  Georgia & Cherokee
  Ohio Indian Wars
   Solon, Iowa
Journeys to California
  First Wagons Over Sierra
  Donner Party
  Voyages to Gold Rush
  Transcontinental RR
Truckee, California

West Family Bibles
  Military Pensions
  Estates and Wills
  Civil War Service
  Deeds and Court


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   Oregon-California Trails Assn

Westerly Journeys

Short Reading List

--Raleigh's "Lost Colony"

The following books offer a variety of viewpoints on the subject.

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Weeks, Stephen B.. Lost Colony of Roanoke: Its Fate and Survival, New York: Knickerbocker Press, 1891.



Family Histories
  Granville Beardsley & Malana Stone (NY)
  Andrew Cady & Sarah Hibbard (NY)
  Charles Cameron & Caroline Beardsley (MI)
  Varnum Card & Rosetta E. Hatch (IN)
  Elisha Bryan & Margaret Garrison(NY)
  Isaac Bryan & Sally_____(NY)
  Jacob B Bryan & Maria Clark(NY)
  William W. Bryan & Jane Viehl (NY)
   Andrew Cady & Sarah Hibbard
  Samuel V. Calhoun & Verlinda Dawson (PA)
  Hezekiah Coleman & Elizabeth Belew (SC)
  Jarret Coleman & Mary___ (SC)
  Isaac Conn & Docia Coleman (GA)
  George Dawson & Narcissa Dawson (PA)
  David Frank & Louisa Hornette (PA)
  James Griffith & Mary Elizabeth Hall(MD)
  Joseph Griffith & Catherine [Burson] (OH)
  Charles Hagaman & Harriet Stone (NY)
  Charles Hagaman & Harriet Stone (NY)
  William B. Harris & Elizabeth Hibbard
  Bronson Hatch & Elizabeth Stone (NY)
  Uriah Clayton Herr & Lillian Painter(PA)
  James Henderson & Nancy Dean (MS)
  Alexander Boardman Hibbard (NY-CA)
  Charles H.Hibbard & Marie J.Osborn (NY)
  Enoch Hibbard & Sally Stone (NY)
  Lewis M. Hunt & Caroline Hagaman (NY)
  George Hudson & Frances J Hagaman(NY)
  Henry Knickerbocker & Caroline West
  John Jarvis Lowell & Elizabeth Beardsley (NY)
  Joseph Morton & Jemima Harrel (VA)
  George Newkirk and Margaret Johnson (PA)
  Samuel Painter & Katherine Frank (VA)
  David Reed and Elizabeth Pletcher (PA)
  Rueben Reid and Mary Anne Raye (OH)
  Enos Stone & Sallyl Bronaugh (Mrs.)
  Oringh Stone & Elizabeth Mabee (NY)
      see also Stone descendants
  Robert Van Rensselaer & Emily Hibbard
  John Van Rensselaer(NY-CA)
  Addison West (NY-CA)
  Charles West and Ella Calhoun (MO)
  George West & Mary A.Stone (NY-MI)
   Frederick A.West & Lydia H.Corliss (NY-MI)
  John West & Clarissa ___ (NY,IA)
      see also John West, Solon IA
  Orson West & Catherine Griffith (NY-MO)
  Orson West & Olive Stone (NY-MI)