WILLIAM W. BRYAN--and the Rensselaer County Bryans

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William W. Bryan: Born 13 Nov 1811 28 William was living in the household of Elisha Bryan according to U.S. Census 1860.17

William W. Bryan converted to the Episcopalian faith in March 1837 and married Jane Viehl October 21, 1837.29 Jane was the daughter of Platt B. Viehl, Treasurer of the Eastside Savings Bank. They had a son, Plat Van Zandt Bryan, born February 14, 1839. In 1844 William was an officer in the Hickory Club, Democratic Fifth ward and Democratic candidate to the County Convention. A son William Henry born in 1849 died in infancy. William listed himself as an agent for a Tool Edge Manufacturer on Buffalo Street in the city Directory of 1859.10

Some of William's business and real estate transactions are as follows: Deed to industrial property on Lyel Road,(Mon. Co. Rec. Bk.36, P. 400 4/13/1836, Bk, 45, P. 83, 9/17/1838) and deeds to property in Brighton J & S Tr. lots 12-14, 16,(Mon. Co. Rec. , Bk 32, p. 111, 1835, Bk 87, p. 292, 12/12/1849) Sold property on North Street, Frankfort, at auction to Thomas Rochester, 11/7/1840. Was a hardware merchant, 9 Buffalo St, and resided at 162 Main, Rochester, according to 1841 Rochester City Directory) Was agent for Tool Edge Mfg. at 3 Buffalo, Cradle maker at 21 Howell according to City Directories 1859 1861)

William W. Bryan died August 5, 1876, at the age of 65. He is buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery (Sec. K). His wife, Jane, died in 1912. 28

Maps of Dutchess County show a W.W. Bryan as a landowner in North East (Dutchess County, NY).30). It may be a name passed down to generations.

It has been established that Ezra Bryan's children carried his Fan Mill manufacturing operation to Renssalaer County in the first decade of the 19th century and made a settlement in the Hoosic Patent.

The Hoosic Patent consisted of lands east of the Hudson River which began to be traded during the Revolution. An investor from Duchess County had purchased 1000 acres. David Bryan--perhaps the son of Ezra of Shecomeco--was among the first to purchase land in 1799.

The Viehl family had occupied land where the Tomhannock Creek met the Hoosic River. The Viehle Tavern had stood on Schaghticoke HIll since 1707. They had also built a factory on the Hudson.(Jane Viehl married William W. Bryan).

Isaac Bryan purchased land in Pittstown and together with Hiram Bryan established the community of Bryan's Corners not far from Schaghticoke.

A William W. Bryan is mentioned in several documents in Rensselaer County pertaining to a Bryan Fan Mill and Cradle Factory. 19.

Estate of Hiram Bryan who died 8-7-1853 refers to William W. Bryan "your relation" Will names children:

Amos Bryan (of full age) Henry, Sarah, Maria and Jacob (minors), town of Schaghticoke. Attached document gives whereabouts of heirs circa 1890s: wife Elizabeth died may 1893; Jacob d. 9-25-1893; Henry living in CA 1-31-1894; inquiry re William W.Bryan; see also deed Hiram C and Elizabeth Bryan, of Schaghticoke, 25 March 1853 to William W. and Amos Bryan, 80 acres including Bryan's Cradle and Fan Mill Factory.

Estate of Ezra Bryan [not Ezra of Shecomeco] 12-10-1847 Schaghticoke. No widow; children:

Catharine Ralston (wife of Warren)
Frank H. of Schaghticoke.
Hiram, of Boylston Saratoga County
Phebe Anne Cook___ (Joseph of Schaghticoke)
Elizabeth Smith (wife of P___ of Illinois )
Lewis (of Holton, Jackson County Kansas)
Sarah Fourtin (of Kansas)
2 grandchidren
also mentions testator: William W. Bryan, nephew

The above shows that Ezra Bryan of Rensselaer County was the father of Elijah and Hiram Bryan who had an interest in the Cradle and Fan Mill Factory. Hiram passed his interest to his son Amos and nephew William W.

William W. might be the son of Isaac or any other Bryan. He might not be the same William W. who lived in Rochester. More data is needed to determine William W. Bryan's father.

Ezra may have been the son of Elijah Bryan who was the brother of Ezra Bryan of Shecomeco. Elijah died in the Revolution.

1. Ezra [Elijah, Alexander?]
   2. Elijah
      Catharine (m. Warren Ralston)
   3. Hiram

2. Elijah (Ezra)
       no children

3, Hiram (Ezra)

Note Anne Knickerbocker Bryan ? states "My son Calvin Knickerbocker has an advertising leaflet put out by a William Bryan who apparently had a tool store in Rochester back in the 1800's...I think Amos [son of Ezra] visited William and his father there going by the new Erie Canal." She also says a descendant of Ezra [of Shecomeco] went to Schaghticoke, Renssalaer County. Since Ezra had only 4 sons that survived to adulthood there is only one son besides Isaac who could have gone to Renssalaer County--David 1767-1848. (Ezra's other sons were Amos, known to have stayed in Duchess County, and Alexander who died at age 20.) It seems likely Isaac is the son referred to in this context.

Some of the Renssalaer county deeds that may pertain to these Bryans are:

Grantee/Grantor                               Date        Book        Location 
Elijah Bryan/City of Albany                   1821        9:89        Located in Shaghticoke, no. bank Hoosic Riv. 
Elijah & Hiram/Ezra & Elizabeth of Pittstown  3/14/1824   42:342    
Amos & Hiram                                  1854        92:365      Bryan Grain Cradle Plant
Hiram and Elizabeth  William W. and Amos      3/25/1853   80 ac       including Bryan's Cradle and Fan Mill Factory 
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Raymer Town
   and Bryan's Corners/Trustees of Church     4/10/1834   91:98    

Some of the Renssalaer County wills that may pertain to these Bryans are:

Deceased      Document Date   Number 	 Mentions  
Ezra          12-10-1847      554        Children: Elijah, Frances, John, Lewis, Hiram (of Saratoga),
                                                   Phebe, Elizabeth, Sarah, Catharine; nephew: William W.
Hiram         8-7-1853        128        Relation: William W.; children: Amos, Henry, Darah, Maria, Jacob;
                                                   wife: Elizabeth