Westerly Journeys







[Golden Gate, Dep. Panama, March 30, 1856
Arr. San Francisco, April 13, 1856, 4 P.M.
Capt. A. H. Leroy]

List copied and alphabetized from imperfect microfilm image. All spellings subject to interpretation. Unreadable characters are shown in brackets.

Ackley, W.
Allen, H.H.
Arago, Mrs.
Arp[o]o, Mrs. and two children
Augusta, Mrs. and two children
Bigfur, Mr. and two children
Biglow, Miss and servant
Bixley, A.R.
Blachman, E. and lady
Blake, Mr. [previous item: "(Wines & Co Messenger)"]
Bond, [H]
Bonham, J.W.
Brayton, Miss
Brewster, L.M. 
Brigham, Mrs. and two children
Broderick, Miss M.
Burns, Mrs.
Cape, Mrs. C. and four children
Carter, Mrs. and child
Chapman, W. and lady
Clarke, J.N.
Clements, Mrs. and two daughters
Clock, F.B.
Coffin, W.
Cohen, G.
Cohen, Mrs., infant and servant
Comstock, C. 
Connell, Mary and Mary Ann
Cook, Mrs. and children
Cooper, Mr. and lady
Cordas, J.
Cordas, Miss
Craig, T.
Cross, J.M. 
Darbin, J.B.
Davidson, W.A.
Davis, Miss
Day, Mrs. and two children
Delavan, Mrs. and child
Dennis, Miss
Dewey P.
Dewey, B.F.
Donner, Mr.
Douglass, W.J., lady and infant
Doyle, P. and lady
Elsarer, Mrs.
Eddy, Mrs. and two children
El[k]ins, Mr. 
Ensler, C.
Eve[n]as, Mrs.
Fatz [ of Patz], Mr. and children
Flowars, A. and lady
Fokes, Mrs.
Freeman, Mrs. S.L. and three children,
French, J.G.
Gardner, T., lady and two daughters
Gassner, G.W. and lady
Gillis, S.
Gladwin, Miss E. 
Goetz, L.
Goldstone, L. and lady
Grassheim, Mrs.
Green, Mrs. and two children
Greenlow, J.W.
Grier, G.
Griffith, J.T. 
Ha[s]sey, H.
Hall, Mrs. and two children
Hardie, D. 
Haven, J.B.
Higgins, H.W.
Hill, Miss and 2 children
Hill, Mrs.
Holton, A.B. and lady
Hone, P.
Howard, W.
Howell, G., and lady
Howes, R.M.
Huntoon, Mrs. 
Hydard, S. 
Irwin, B., lady and child
J.L. Simmons
Jenkins, G.
Jentz, William
Jewett, Mrs. and three children
Johnston, Mr.
Kelly, J.R.
Kelly, Mr. and lady
Kelsey, W. P. and [J]. R.
Kenyon, W.L., lady and two children
Kester, L.B. and lady
Kincaid, A.B.
Kirkukp, N.S.
Kitchin, C.
Katz [see Fatz]
Kripp, Mrs.
Laffin, M.
Lehman, M.
Lera, A. and lady
Levey, D.J. and E.C.
Libermuth, D.
Litchfield, H.
Longberry, R. and son
Lovejoy, M.
Mansfield, W. [next item: "(Wines & Co's Messenger)"]
Mar[r]oede, C.F. and lady
Marks, Mrs. and infant
Marquard, M.
Marrack, O. and lady
Marsh, Mrs.
Marts, E.
Maxwell, Mrs. and children
McCall, P.
McCarthy, Rev. Dr., lady and servant
McLeod, Mrs. and child
McNulty, Miss
Meelin, H.
Merritt, E.
Merritt, Miss
Miller, C.
Miller, R.
Mixer, G.N.
Mixer, Mrs.
Monig, Mrs.
Mullen, Delia
Murray, G., and son
Murray, J.A.
Narley, V.
Naulty, Mr.
Negbaur, L. 
Noftgar, J.
Noftgar, J.R.
Oliver, James
Oppenheimer, Mrs. and two children
Overton, J.B.
Parry, J.
Patz [see Fatz]
Peke, Miss
Peke. Mr. 
Perkins, Miss
Pizce, Mrs.
Platt, J.R.
Pollard, J.W.
Purg, T.
Rankin, J.P. and lady,
Rice, Mrs.
Riley, Bridget
Roberts, C.
Robinson, R. and sister
Russell, J.
Sanborn, F. H.
Saunders, J.H. 
Shafer, H.
Shaw, G.
Sill, G.E., lady and child
Silverstein, S. and lady
Sleight, E.
Smith, Mrs.
Smith, W.B.
Snow, J.
Solomon, L., lady and two children
Stephens, J.
Stern, Miss R.
Street, W.B.
Studley, A.
Taney, Mrs.
Taylor, J.J.
Taylor, Madame Louise A.
Taylor, Mrs. and two daughters
Taylor, [S.] and A.
Temple, J., and lady
Turner, Mrs.
Tuscar, W.F.M.
Veraker, H.O. and wife
Walling, J.
Warshauski, A.
Warshauski, Mrs. and children
Watson, Mrs. and three children
Webber, G. and lady
Wells, R.
West, N.L.
Whittingham, L.
Wilden, Miss
Wilson, A.
Wilson, B.C.
Winslow, H.
Wiswell, Mrs.
Woolf, H. and lady
Yanney, A.
Young, Miss
---and 675 in steerage.
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News Article:


The Pacific Mail Steamship Company's steamer Golden Gate, Captain A. H. Leroy, arrived about 4 P.M. yesterday afternoon--fourteen days from Panama, bringing us dates from New York to March 20th--twelve days later and advices from Europe to March 8th--fourteen days later than previous advices. We are indebted to the Purser for the following memoranda .... :


The Pacific Mail Steamship Company's steamer Golden Gate, A.V.H. Le Roy, Esq, Commander, left San Francisco at 3 P.M. Marcy 5th. March 13th, at 7 A.M., arrived at Acapulco, received our supplies, and sailed at 11 1/2 A.M. for Panama. March 17th, at 8 1/2 P.M., exchanged signals with Company's steamer Sonora, bound up. arrived at Panama March 19th at 1 1/2 A.M. Our passengers left Aspinwall for New York per steamer Illinois, and for New Orleans per steamer Philadelphia, at 7:40 same evening, all well. Left Panama March 3k0kth, at 3 A.M., with U. Mails, 547 packages freight, and 957 passengers. Our passengers arrived at Aspinwall on the morning of the 29th March, and crossed the Isthmus in three hours. Upon their arrival at Panama, they were immediately transferred to the Company's steam ferry boat Taboga, and transhipped to this steamer. The Railroad is in excellent order, and the health of the Isthmus good.

April 2d, at 4:30 P.M., off San Juan del Sud, Nicaragua, spoke steamer Cortes; put on board Geo. S. Porter, Esq., bound for San Juan; had no communication whatever with the shore. April 5th, at 11 A.M., arrived at Acapulco, received our supplies, and sailed at 6 P.M--nothing worthy of note from the interior. April 9th, at 11 A.M., passed Company's steamer Golden Age, off Margarita Island, bound down. April 10th, spoke whaleship Leonore, of San Francisco, out four months, 400 bbls. oil; all well. Same afternoon, at 5:30, boarded and exchanged papers with steamer Uncle Sam. We have had no deaths, and one birth. By the West India mail steamer Solent, Costa Rica has declared war against Walker, and is joined by the other Central American states. Walker has also declared war against Costa Rica and has marched to Guanacasta, a frontier station of Costa Rica, to meet Col. Bosquet, of the Costa Ricaan army. We have experienced fine weather until within the last 36 hours; when off San Diego, we took a strong south-easter.

[Passenger list printed here in original article]

[Related article in adjacent column:]

The Passengers by the Nicaragua Route.

We copy the following from the N.Y. Times

"We are induced to hope that no serious inconvenience to passengers or gold shippers will result from this sudden step. The Uncle Sam steamship on the Pacific, leaving San Juan del Sud about the first of March, would bear to San Francisco the news of Walker's proceeding, and this should arrest the further shipment of treasure by the route--already reduced to less than $300,000 the trip--while the other steamer leaving San Francisco on the fifth of March will connect with the Star of the West on this side. If the Uncle Sam should return on her regular day, March 20, with any considerable amount of passengers, their case will be a bad one, unless the New Orleans ship is sent to their relief. The chances are, however, that the risk will not be taken at San Francisco."

The passengers by the Uncle Sam, on the 5th of April, will probably be conveyed to New York by the Orizaba or Texas, which steamers were to have been put on immediately, if the statement made by our Washington correspondent is correct.

In relation to the passengers which sailed from this port on the 5th of March, we clip the following from the Aspinwall Courier:

"The passengers from California, per steamer of March 5th, were due at Greytown on the 19th, but had not arrived up to the 22d. No tidings had been received from either of these companies of passengers when the Solient left Greytown. Mr. Scott received the notification of the Costa Rican Government (published in another column,) not to run their steamers, by the last boat which came down (a freight boat), before he despatched the aforesaid passengers from the United States. among the latter, however, were some 150 men for Walker, who must have been prepared for a brush."

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