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Samuel Calhoon--Pension File, Revolutionary War: S2413, 7 pages (legible)

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Pension application transcript and further details.

File contains application, applicant's answers to questionnaire (references: John Piersol, J.P, Jackson; John Ewing, Archibald Ewing, George Parsons, Calvin Pease, Harry Lane and Peter Lauterman.) Also pension payment voucher, and a 1931 response to a letter of inquiry from Dr. John C. Calhoun, Pittsburgh, PA.

Isaac Briant--Pension File, Revolutionary War: W23699, 12 pages (some faint)

Widow's pension application (two pages partly legible): Worcester Co., Massachusetts, Aug. 31, 1838, 2 pages, faint copy but partly legible. Mentions appearance before Hon. Ira Barton, Judge of Probate Court, Betsy Briant, resident of ["Rutland"] in said county, aged seventy five, petition to obtain benefits under Congressional Act of July 7, 1838, "An Act Granting [half payment?] pensions to certain widows"; She is widow of Isaac Briant, private in army of Revolution for 15 months, granted pension March 18, 1818; she married Isaac May 1, 1788 in Princeton, Worcestor Co., Mass. [Other portions may be interpreted with additional study--partly legible]

Affidavit of marriage (legible): Isaac Bryant of Rutland to Betsy Morse, Princeton, Worcestor Co. MA, May 1, 1788. Affidavit dated Sept. 1, 1838.

Affidavit of death(paratly legibel): Isaac Briant died June 4, 1836, town of Rutland. Affidavit dated Aug. 28, 1838.

Brief in case of Isaac Briant (legible):Served July 1779 - Apr. 1780 as private under Col. Graton, Capt. [Tisdale], and from July 1780 to Dec 1780 as private under Capt. Williams, Col. Sproat; transferred to Capt. May, Col. Shepherd July 1780- Dec. 1780.

Certificate to Betsey Briant, widow of Isaac Briant (legible): $49.65/annum to commence Mar. 4, 1843. Sent to Rufus Putnam, Rutland, VT, Recorded in Bk. A, Vol. [1?], p. 37.

Certificate to Isaac Briant (partly legible): $14.65/annum, to commence Mar. 4, 1831, Recorded Book D. Vol. 2, p. 39.

Pension Application (two pages, faint, partly legible): Isaac Briant, declaration dated Aug. 14, [183?]. Enlisted at Springfield, County of Hampden...and marched to Westpoint in the State of New York and served in Col. Graton's regiment of Massachusetts line for nine months under: Capt. Tisdale, Col. Graton, Gen. Nixon, discharged April 1780; at a place called Continental village State of New York; served another nine months --discharge certificate lost. Placed on pension roll 1818, Act of Cong. Mar. 18, 1818 as private in army of the Revolution, at that time a resident of Rutland. Signed Isaac Briant

Answers to questionnaire (legible):

  1. Born in Rutland, Jan 4, 1762
  2. Certificate of birth, town Clerk, Rutland.
  3. Always lived in Rutland
  4. Volunteered for service
  5. Officers served with: Col. Graton, Major Oliver, Capt. Williams, Capt. Prichard, Capt. Flowers, Capt. Watson, Capt Sumner--first nine months service; Co. Shepherd, Capt. Holden, Capt. Shays, Capt.Williams, Capt. Onary in the 6months service. Marquis La Fayette I was well acquainted with being part of his guard for a day or two and frequently saw him at other times while in the service.
  6. Discharged both times; lost first discharge papers; second sent to War Department.
  7. References: Abel Parmenter, James Cowdin in Rutland; Calvin Howe, Joel Holden
Witnessess: Joel Hubbart, Rutland, Tilly Flint, Rutland

Schedule of assets (two pages legible)

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Amos Bryant-- Pension File, Revolutionary War: S45618, New Hampshsire, 7 pages (mostly legible)

Summary of file contents:

Pension Application, one page, partly legible. Abstract: Amos Bryant of Nelson, Cheshire Co., New Hampshire declares: enlisted April 1775 as private soldier in Continental Army at Cambridge, Province of Massachusetts under Capt. Bacheller, in Regiment commanded by Col Bridge for eight months. Discharge was not in writing. Returned home one month and enlisted again for one year under Capt. William Bent in a regiment commanded by John Graton. Marched to New York then to Ticonderoga and then [down the river south and then from place to place?] receiving Honorable Discharge at Morristown, NJ--not written. Enlisted again June 1778 for nine months in Continental Army in Massachusetts line, joining Army at [?] in [ ? ] in Gen McDougal's Brigade. Received Honorable Discharge in writing--which has been lost. Now sixty years of age and "stand in need of assistance from my country for support."

Pension Certificate 13803 (1 page, partly legible) for Amos Bryant of Nelson, NH, issued July 18, 18[?] and sent to Levi Chamberlailn, Keene, NH, pension to commence May 21, 1818. Revolutionary claim under Act of March 18, 1818. Notation "Dead letter Mr. Edward , Sept, 15, 18[36?]

Schedule of estate--assets, income (1 page, legible).

Sworn statement Amos Bryant before Court of Common Pleas, Cheshire Co., NH, July 4, 1820 (1 page legible). Clarifies application mentioning first enlistment as Feb. 1776; discharge at Morristown in 17[87 sic] having served 8 months in 1788 [sic]. States he was in the Battle at Concord at the Commencement of the War. Dated May 25, 1818. States he has been living with daughter Harriet "in [non-conscious?] state occasioned by fits and myself unable to perform any labor"

Separate page (legible) Dated July 31, 1820, Keene, NH, Amos Bryant declares he is 63 years of age and "entirely unable to labor for the six last years" Further states: "The situation of my property and health are such that the authority of the town have thot it [im...] to tax me, my daughter within named is unable to support herself. Certificate 13878. Signed Amos Bryant.

Letter From Winfield Scott, Commissioner, to Mary L. Walton, Council Grove, KS, dated Oct. 7, 1925 summarizing claim 45618 and stating soldier died Aug. 12, 1833.

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[webmaster has NO additional information on this individual]

George Frank--Pension File: Revolutionary War: R3750, Washington D.C., 7 pages (legible, little content)

Rejection (one legible page--form, no data except name and number)

Brief note :Dated Dec. 6, 1832, indication of receipt of Pension Office papers in support of claim, signed George Frank.

Affidavit (legible): re George Frank pension application (legible): District of Columbia, Washington Co., July 16, 1830, before Wm. Emack,

Affidavit (legible): re status of Wm. Emack, Justice of the Peace, by William Brent, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Dist. Of Columbia, Washington Co.

Miscellaneous note1802, no data.

Miscellaneous cover (dark copy): "George Frank, D Col Revo act June 7, 1832 Rejected. See letter to applicant 27 Nov 1832 (served only 4 months)" initialed [R H?]

N.B. to [missing page] (legible): "Your petitioner thinks that in July 1776 he went out in Captain Shaffers company previous to his receiving his Commission. In the following year October 1776 he was out as a commissioned officer ranked Ensign in the company commanded by Capt. Houlterbourn from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania."

[webmaster has NO additional information on this individual]

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Paul Haralson--Pension File, Revolutionary War: W1763, 11, pages (legible)

Pension Application (4 pages, legible and detailed):[Summary] Randolph Co. IL, Dec. 4, 1832. Paul Haralson resident of county aged 72 (on Sept 6): drafted in militia for 3 months; entered service as private Sept. 1779 or 1780 in regiment led by Col. William Moore at Caswell Courthouse. He enlisted in Company belonging to Captain Farquar; then marched out toward South Carolina to give a check to the Tories who were then [embodying] in many places in South Carolina and in the upper parts of North Carolina; marched across the Yadkin River some distance below the south fork; whilst stationed there Major Elijah Moore was elected over William Sanders. About that time intelligence was brought into camp that there was a body of Torie collected near the Shallow ford forty or fifty miles above where they were stationed. Marched to give them battle March 2nd in the evening, applicant being in the front guard, heavy firing commenced a few hundred yards away. They stood under arms till the regiment came up. They were then drawn in a line; a Captain and company from Virginia had heard of them and marched & defeated them; several killed.They encamped that night near the battleground; next morning they waded across the shallow ford and marched down on the east side at a place called new Providence near the South Carolina line some distance below Charlotte; they continued there until their service was nearly expired.[This detailed description goes on for another two pages-discussing Torie prisoners at Camden [SC]; Gen. Green's [Nathaniel Greene?] retreat from Lord Cornwallis [across the Dan into North Carolina.] He also discusses his brother Herndon Haralson who formed a volunteer regiment when Green retreated. He states he served with Green at Eutaw Springs and conveyed prisoners to Salisbury After his discharge he re-enlisted in North Carolina State troops under Capt Jones and marched from Tavern Hall on Tar River to Hillsborough NC. He further states he was born near Virginia line in Caswell Co. NC, Sept. 6, 1760--recorded in father's bible. Moved to Georgia after Revolution and lived with brother Jonathon; then moved in 1795 to Holstein River, TN to live with brother James Haralson. In 1803 moved to Randolph Co. IL. Entered service when 12 years of age. Signed P. Haralson

Petition of widow, Mary Haralson, (one page, legible): Marion Co. IL, Feb. 28, 1849. Married Dec. 1797; Knox Co. TN; maiden name Mary Fulton. Signed with X.

Affidavit (fairly legible):May 20, 1855, Marion, Co. IL, by Mary Haralson in support of claim.

Marriage certificate (legible) Dec. 18, 1797, Knoxville, TN, Paul Haralson to Mary Fulton.

Statement of War Department (one page, legible): re claim, dated April 22, 183[3?]: Service 1779-80 3 months, private under Capt. Ferguson, Capt. Hearndon Haralson, Capt. Jones, Capt. Trouton; Co. Wm. Moore, Maj. Elijah Moore; Major Burnett Grafton, Major [?] Lewis; battles: Shallow Ford, Eutaw Springs; marched from Caswell Courthouse toward South Caronlina across Yadkin River, Shallow Ford, New Providence through North Carolina, Salisbury, Granville Courthouse, Durham, Halls Tavern, Hillsborough.

Cover page (legible): Mary Haralson claim.

Pension certificate (legible): Paul Haralson

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George Painter and widow Rebecca H.--Pension File, Revolutionary War: W8507, 8 pages (legible)

Affidavit of George Painter (legible) [This is not meant to be a complete abstract] July 14, 1834, Rutherford Co., North Carolina, before Justices of Court of Common Pleas, aged 78 years; declares he entered War of Revolution in 1776 but has no papers or individuals to confirm--mentions faulty memory. Was living in Rockingham Co, VA when drafted into service for 3 months under Capt. Cravan. Marched to Tygers Valley on VA frontier to a fort [unnamed]. Returned to Rockingham in 1777. Next drafted under same Capt. for 3-month southern tour. Marched to Hillsboro NC, then Charlotte then [Cheraw]; down Peedee through swamps. Three-month tour ended but was so far from home he volunteered another 3 months under Gen. Stevens. Served several times under Gen. [Francis] Marion. On return was one day too late for Battle of Guilford Courthouse. Marched to Amherst Court House, VA and discharged. Went home but was soon drafted for 3 months under same Capt. Was at the taking of Cornwallis at little York. Was in the whole of that battle under Gen. Stevens. Saw Gen. Washington for the first time. Was in line not far off when Cornwallis surrendered his sword. "I was one of the guard that took charge of the prisoners that was marched to Winchester in Virginia. I was discharged and returned home. Cob[?] Darke was our commander on that tour. " Soon after return volunteered for service under Capt. Coker 3 months as Indian Spy. Was out as far as the South Branch of the Potomack. Was Ranger the [League?] of Mountains. We was frequently at the Different [?] in that Range of country. I do not recollect there names." Mentions there was no officer over Capt. in that tour. Declares that "my being entirely illiterate and having nothing but my memory to govern me" he has made statements of facts as occurred. .

signed with mark [George Painter]; mentions that name may be spelled according to pronunciation: Panter, Panther.

Affidavit of Rebecca Panter (2 pages. Legible) [Not intended as a complete abstract] April 5, 1854, Rutherford Co. NC, Rebecca H. Panter [sic] appeared before Judges of Court of Common Pleas, aged 57. Was married to George Panter, a Revolutionary Pensioner, about Aug. 8, 1824. George Panter died about May 15, 1841, Rutherford Co., NC. Her husband was on Pension Roll at $53/annum. (Thinks certificate was returned to agents for paying [R...] at Fayetteville NC after husband's decease. Never remarried. Still a widow. States that [feableness] of body prevents her from going to courthouse in Rutherford 18 mi. away to make a declaration. Signed by mark, Rebecca Panter. Witnesses, Williamson [Fontain], Rutherford Co., and Peter Peeler, Cleveland [?].

Affidavit of Rebecca Painter (1 page, legible), March 10, 1855, Rutherford Co. NC, appeared before Justice of Peace, Rebecca Painter, resident, widow of George Painter a Revolutionary Pensioner, NC, lived and died in Rutherford Co., NC, bounty land claim, Act of Congress, March 3, 1855.

Pension Certificate (1 page, legible) George Painter, Rutherford Co., NC, pvt. Capt. Coker's company, Col. Darke's regiment - 8 months. $26.64/annum commencing March 4, 1834.

Miscellaneous page, 61721( 1 page legible) Rebecca Painter, widow of George Painter, dates shown: April 11, 1853/Oct 3, 1853. A signature: John Anderson, Brindleton, Cleveland Co. NC.

Pension Certificate( 1 page, legible) Rebecca Painter, widow of George Painter, Raleigh agency, Rate $96 /annum commencing July 27, 1868, certificate dated June 10, 1840 and sent to claimant, Golden Valley, Rutherford Col, NC. Recorded on Roll of Pensioners (Act of Jan. 3, 1853) Vol. [ ], p. 220.

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Samuel Reed--Pension File, Revolutionary War: S14259: 15 pages (legible)

Subject born 26 Jan 1749 in Lancaster Co. PA, son of George Reed. He moved to Rowan Co., NC, then Abbieville, SC., then Pendleton, SC then Gwinnett Co., GA and St. Clair Co., AL where he died 5 Feb 1843. Contains 1922 typed response to a Mrs. Pearl Sparks of Leavenworth KS

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Henry Reed--Pension File, Revolutionary War: S33543, 7 pages (legible)

Subject born about 1752. Mentions wife and daughter both named Mary. Resides in Monmouth Co. NJ, served in land and naval service.

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David West--Pension File, Revolutionary War: W16464, 14 pages (varied legibility)

(This item contains a portion of a NARA pension file. It was photocopied from microfilm 804 roll 2534 at LDS Family History Library, Salt Lake (LDS roll 972534).

1 page image from family Bible: siblings and children.
7 page declaration by David West dated 1833, states he was resident of Hillsday, Columbia Co. NY. He recounted his service in the Revolution
2 page declaration of Hannah West,1840 stating she married David West 24 Jan 1791 and gives the names and births of 9 children.
2 page affidavit by son Amos West, 1840, Yates Co.
2 page affidavit by son Samuel West, 1840, Yates Co.

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John West--Pension File, Revolutionary War: S14811: 9 pages (legible)

Subject born 26 Jan 1760 in Huntington, Suffolk Co. NY, parents names unknown. Enlisted 1776. Served 5 months; was at Battle of Long Island. After discharge moved to Fairfield Co., CT; then to Sandgate, Bennington Co. VT. Re-enlisted in 1778-79. Was Scout at northern frontier. After war, in 1804 moved to Aurelius, Cayuga Co. NY, then Marcellus, then Camillus, Onondage Co. NY. No family records

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John West--Widows Pension File, War of 1812: 14372/10430, 6 pages (legible)

Subject John West enlisted 15 Aug 1814 at Hillsdale, Columbia Co. NY; served with Capt. Conrad Wilsey's NY Militia from Hillsdale, Columbiana Co. NY; discharged 15 Nov, 1814 at Brooklyn Heights. Soldier's declaration: 27 May 1871, Clyde, Sandusky Co. OH, at age 74 states he was married to Eluta Kinney 1 March 1818, Steuben Co. NY. Subject widow: Roxana West, widow of John West died 4 Sept 1902. Widow's declaration dated 26 March 1878 states age as 59, Sandusky Co. OH. Married 2 Oct 1837 at Fremont, OH. She states that John West died 18 Nov 1871, York, OH.

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George Painter--Pension File, Civil War, Ohio: 753683, 7 pages (legible)

War Dept., Record & Pension Div. (legible) No. 753683, George Painter, Co. D, 163rd Regt. Ohio National Guard Vols, enrolled May 2, 1864, pvt. Served until Sept. 10, 1864; medical treatment Aug 4-5, 1864 Diarrhea; Aug 13-14, 1864 Ty. Mal. Fever; Aug 14-30, 1864 General Debility; returned to duty.

History of Disability (legible): Dated Feb. 11, 1893, Richland, OH; at the time was resident of Bangorville, OH. Ruptured left side the summer of 1889 at or near Bangorville OH. Severe attack of chronic Diohre [sic]. "I was working on a farm. The work was such as building fence which caused me to handle heavy rails. I believe that the heavy lifting together with chronic Diohrea caused said upture. Signed George Painter

Origin of disability (1 page, legible): Notarized attachment to History of Disability. Signed George Painter and witnessed by Notary Public, S. M. Painter April 25, 1893.

Declaration for Invalid Pension (1 page, legible): Richland Co., OH, Oct. 11, 1894, George Painter appeared before Notary Public at age 72, resident of Bangorville, Richland Co., OH, enrolled May 2, 1864, pvt. Co. D. 163rd Reg. OH National Guard, discharged at Camp Chase, Columbus, OH Sept. 10, 1864. Totally unable to earn a support by reason of pain in back, weakness and suffocation results of sunstroke, varicose veins in right leg and ruptured left side and cancer on face and affection of eyes. Also heart trouble and tumor on left side of abimon [sic]. Has not been in service since Sept. 10, 1864; pension Cert. 534430....

Questionnaire (legible): Dated June 27, 1898, Certificate 534430, George Painter's reply dated June 24, 1898 indicates he was married twice but both wives were dead: Mary died May 4, 1853; Aurelia died Aug. 15, 1864. Children: Wilson S. b. Sept. 17, 1850; Malvina b. May 26, 1849; Albert b. May 17, 1861; Mettie b. Oct. 3, 1863.

Declaration for pension (one page, legible): County of Knox, State of Ohio, May 2, 1907; George Painter, aged 85, resident of Perry Township, Richmond Co. OH; enrolled at Mansfield, Ohio and discharged at Camp Chase, Ohio, Sept. 1, 1864; 5 ft. 9 in. fair complexion, blue eyes, dark hair; farmer, born Feb. 4, 1822 at Perry Township, Richland Co. OH. Pension certificate 534430. Signed by George Painter and witnessed by Wilber G. Moore and Frank G. Palmer.

Pensioner Dropped (legible): Died Feb. 15, 1908.

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David F. Painter--Pension File, Civil War, IN: 989098, 17 pages (legible)

Affidavit cover page

Affidavits July 19, 1922, Dr. T. A. Coleman re. David Painter disabilities, Medicine Lodge KS; David Painter re military service of family and compensation.; declaration for pension (describes service in Civil War commencing with 54th IN infantry, Feb. 1862, transferred to 15th IN Battery, IN light Artillery and discharged June 30, 1865. Disabilities include stomach trouble, liver trouble, defective hearing, tumor on left leg, totally blind in one eye and defective vision in the other. Resided at Indiana and Medicine Lodge, KS. Day laborer. Pension certificate 989098.

Declaration for invalid Pension (legible): Dated Mar. 12, 1895, Barber Co., KS. Resident of Medicine Lodge, KS. Enrolled May 1, 1862 15th Batt., Ind. Discharged at Indianopolis, IN June 30, 1865. Unable to earn a support by manual labor by reason of wound of back, heart disease, piles and general debility. Also nasal catarrh and rheumatism and disease of lungs.. Application 644912.

Declaration for invalid Army Pension (legible): Jan. 25, 1897. Additional comments on disabilities: "1. Contracted mumps affecting privates also contracted a cold and resulting disease of respiratory organs (catarrh) and rheumatism affecting heart. 2. Also while near Atlanta, Georgia in the year 1864 contracted disease of rectum as result of diarrhea.

Dept. of Interior, Bur. Of Pensions, Feb. 1, 1898 (legiblel): Memorandum.

Answers to questionnaire re. Marriage (legible): Married Cynthia Ellen Morton, Petersburg, IN, Dec. 6, 1866. Children: Wm. N., Painter, Oct. 9, 1867; Chas. C. Painter, Aug. 13, 1869; Cora E. Adams Oct. 9, 1871; Cora C. Horney, Sept. 26, 1873; Lillian V. Herr, Oct. 19, 1875.

Affidavit of marriage (form) Marriage of David Painter and Cynthia Morton, Dec. 6, 1866, Clerk of Circuit Court, Petersburg, Pike Co., IN, Marr. Rec. 5, p. 30.

Declaration for Increase of Pension (legible) Dated Oct. 12, 1905. Restates service to include Co. F, 54th Ind. Pension Cert 644912. Disabilities : Cancer in right eye and nose; growth on right leg, interfering with manual labor; disease of heart and complete inability to perform manual labor. Born Nov. 13, 1842, Preble Co. OH.

Statement of W.H. Moore, M.D. (legible) re David Painter: nasal catahrr; stabbed in back in 1887 penetrating left lung; hemmorrhoids; heart disease....

Memorandum of Prisoner of War Records (legible) Captured at Harpers Ferry, Sept. 15, 1862

Declaration for Original invalid Pension (legible): March 8, 1888. Gives service record and the following regarding disability: "On or about the 15th day of September 1863 while at Lexington KY he was accidentally stabbed in left breast a little above heart by a comrade and has had heart disease ever since. Was sent to General Hospital at Lexington KY about 1 Nov 1863 and rejoined Battery about 20 Dec 1863 at Crab Orchard, KY. On or about 1 February 1864 he became troubled with piles caused by hard riding. Had no treatment while in the service. Since discharge he has resided in different places and by occupation is a laborer."

Drop Report Death of David F. Painter, May 9, 1924.

See also Military Service Record below.

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David F. Painter--Military Service Record, Civil War, IN, 14 pages (legible)

15th Battery, Indian light Artillery; enlisted June 6, 1862, at 18 years at Terra Haute, IN for three years; 6 ft tall, fair complexion, blue eyes, auburn hair, b. Preble Co. OH, farmer. Sick in hospital Lexington, KY May 26, 1863; AWOL Oct. 13, 1862-- jailed at Kingston, TN Dec. 1863-Jan. 1864.Mustered out June 30, 1865, Indianapolis.

Also served briefly in Indiana 54th Inf. Papers not available. See Pension file above.

[webmaster has additional info on this individual--brother of Jeremiah and John below]

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Jeremiah Painter (Preble Co. OH) --Military Service Record, Civil War, IN, 14 pages (legible)

Co. I, 42nd Reg. Indiana Infantry; Teamster; enlisted Sept. 25, 1861, Pike Co., IN, age 22, 5 ft 8 in, sandy complexion, blue eyes, sandy hair, b. Preble Co. Ohio; farmer. Taken prisoner Oct 2, 1863 at Searrachee Valley. Re-enlisted Jan. 6, 1864, Chatanooga. Pension Case 570050

[webmaster has additional info on this individual--brother of David above and John Painter below]

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Jeremiah Painter (Ross Co. OH) --Military Service Record, Civil War, IN, 11 pages (legible)

Co. A, 84th Reg. Indiana Infantry; on extra duty as Regimental Pioneer May - Dec, 1864; enlisted Aug. 7, 1862, Farmland, IN, age 23, 5 ft 4 in, dark complexion, black eyes, black hair, b. Ross Co. Ohio; farmer. Passed through battles of Chickamauga and campaign of Georgia and battles of Franklin and Nashville, Tennessee. Furloughed Feb. 4, 186;5; mustered out at Camp Harker, TN June 14, 1865

[webmaster has additional info on this individual--brother of David above and John Painter below]

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John Painter--Military Service Record, Civil War, IN, 6 pages (legible)

Co. G, 14th Reg. Indiana Infantry, pvt.; enlisted June 7, 1861, Terre Haute/Petersburg, IN. Absent sick from July to Sept, 1863; wounded July 3, 1863, Gettysburg; sent to general hospital Oct. 1, 1863. Transferred at Washington to invalid corps. Transferred Feb. 25, 1864 from invalid corps Newark. Deserted from general hospital, Newark, New Jersey, March 9, 1864. Dropped April 28, 1864 Stevensburg.

[webmaster has additional info on this individual. Brother David and Jeremiah above.]

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James Reed--Military Service Record, Civil War, PA, 30 pages (legible)

Co. C, 95th Ohio Reg., pvt.enrolled at Columbus OH, July 23, 1862. Born at Pittsburg about 1840. Very detailed file including physical description, court martial for drunkeness, capture and imprisonment at Andersonville.

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Jacob A. Teeter Military Service Record, Civil War: 3056, 3 pages (legible)

Co. D, 9th Reg., pvt.enrolled at Pontiac, MI, Sept. 22, 1864, for 1 year. Never joined, and dropped as deserter Mar. 2, 1865, Chattanooga

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Frank Ficklin--Military Service Record, Civil War, MS, 8 pages (legible)

(Also shown as 'F. Fickling' and 'Francis Ficklin'

Co. D, 39th Reg.Mississippi Infantry(Confed)., pvt. enrolled at Morton, MS, April 3, 1862 for three years. Captured at Port Hudson, July 9, 1863 and paroled July 12, 13; hospitalized Enterprise MS Sept-Dec. 1863; captured at Dallas, GA May 24, 1864; prisoner at Louisville, KY; then Rock Island, IL and exchanged Feb. 25, 1865; admitted to Jackson Hospital, Richmond VA for debilitas, Mar. 6, 1865.

[webmaster has additional info on this individual]

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Milledge Ficklin--Military Service Record, Civil War MS, 10 pages (legible)

Co I, (Capt. W.B. Shelby), 6th Reg. Mississippi Volunteers; pvt. Enrolled May 4, 1861 at Brandon, MS until Aug 24, 1861; then re-enrolled same company/reg. (Capt. T.J. Borden) at Grenada MS for 12 months; captured at Port Gibson, MS May 1, 1863 and paroled Alton Military Prison, Alton, IL; paroled and exchanged June 30, 1863; again captured at Nashville, TN, Dec. 15, 1864; transferred from Louisville, KY to prison in Camp Douglas IL, Dec. 20, 1864; discharged June 19, 1865

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Henry Reed-- Probate File, Hamilton Co. OH, 5 pages legal (partly legible)

Probate of Will of Henry Reed Aug. 15, 1834, Hamilton Co., OH. (Faint second page: mentions Henry Reed of Louisville, KY, merchant.) Summarizes will which names executors: friend, George Wallace, Esq. of Pittsburgh, Andrew Kennedy of Philadelphia, merchant; bequeaths to Eleanor Elliott, Martha Patton [Paller] and Elizabeth Wise of Louisville 100 pounds each. Remainder of real and personal estate 1/4 part to brother James Reed of Henry County, his children and grandchildren; also mentions sons James, Henry and Robert. Witnesses Thomas McShane, James McNutt[?], and Bar?[Mc?], Nov. 1793, Philadephia.

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William Bryan--Estate file of , deceased, Granville Co. NC. 38 pages (mostly legible)

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David Painter--Estate file, Preble Co. OH, 14 pages (legible)

Estate File, David Painter, Preble Co. OH, deceased. Adam Swihart, adm. Bond and inventory with 4 possibly related deeds, 1841-1857. (Associated names: Estate of Jacob Painter, John Painter, Sr., Samuel Painter, (Clarke Co. MO) Rachel Van Horn, of Botetourt Co., VA: Christian Kessler, Christian Painter, Daniel Brugh, Mary Kaufman, John G. Brodian.

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James Calhoun and Jeney Calhoun Wills, Guilford Co. NC 6 pages (legible)

James Calhoun: Guilford Co. NC, (1795) 3 pages (legible)

Jeney Calhoun: Guilford Co. NC, (1805) 3 pages (legible)

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Samuel Calhoun --Will, Cumberland Co. PA 2 pages (legible)

Legal envelope OK for this item.
Samuel Calhoun of East Pennsboro,will proved 1773. Mentions wife Mary, son Adam, daughter Elizabeth. Mentions loss of abiity to speak. Wits: Walter Buchanan, Adam Calhoon, John Carathers.

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Adam Calhoun --Will, Cumberland Co. PA 2 pages (legible)

Legal envelope OK for this item.
Adam Calhoun of East Pennsboro,will proved 1782. Mentions wife, Jean, son James, son Adam; also Samuel Haslet. Wits: John Henning, Joseph Hudson, Walter Buchanan; James Haslet, David Bell Execrs.

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Adam Calhoun [Court ordered sale], Deed, Cumberland Co. PA 3 pages (legible)

Legal envelope OK for this item.

Court of Common Plealse judgement against Adam Calhoun Jan. 1794, Sheriff's sale of property owned by Adam Calhoun to satisfy debt.180 acres East Pennsboro Township.

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Cotton Smith Estate File, Lake Co. IL, 27 pages (legible)

Referenced in George C. Smith Adm of will of Cotton Smith vs. Alonzo Daugherty, Thankful Dogherty and William B. Hibbard,


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Enos Stone Estate File, Rochester, Monroe Co. NY, 14 pages (some in legible hand others typed)

Harriet and Jennie Hagaman, administrators.

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John VanRenssalaer Lake Co. IL, 32 pages legal, partly legible.

Estate, as referenced in Solomon P. Brown Vs. Enoch Hibbard Adminstrator of said estate, Lake County Circuit Court Case File, A-341-Solomon Brown v. Enoch Hibbard (Adm of Est of [subject] John J. VanRensselaer) and Hugh McClellan etc. Contents:

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