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Most of the data presented here was researched by others: Wayne Dawson of Tucson, AZ and Jane Dawson Digerness of Randolph, UT. The basic work on these families was published by Lee O. Dawson and Charles C. Dawsosn as shown in ssection F and G in the "Sources" attached.

Family Group Sheet: George Dawson and Narcissa Dawson [cousins]

Husband: George Dawson [F2,F3]				Husband's Father: Benjamin Dawson [F2,F3]
b. 12 July 1804, Georgetown, PA	[F2,F3]			Husband's Mother: Elizabeth Wilkinson [F2,F3]
m. 23 June 1825[B1]			
d. 9 Aug 1866, Calcutta, OH [G2]

Wife: Narcissa Dawson [F2]				Wife's Father: Nicholas Dawson [F2,F3]
b. 11 Feb 1806, Calcutta, OH [F2,F3]			Wife's Mother: Rachel Moore [F2,F3]
d. 14 Mar 1853, Calcutta, OH [F2]

Children [F2,G2] all born in Calcutta, Columbiana Co., OH:

1. Elizabeth E.
   b. 9 April 1826 [F2,F3] 26 April 1826
   d. 30 Oct 1832, OH
   bur. Long's Run Cem,. Calcutta, Columbiana Co. OH
2. Rachel .
   b. 31 Oct 1827[F2,F3]
   d. 8 July 1864[F2,F3]
   bur. Long's Run cem., Calcutta Columbiana Co. OH
  sp. Elijah Moore[F2] (moved to Kansas City for awhile [F3]
3.*Benjamin Mackall
   b. 16 June 1829[F3]
   m. 7 April 1853[F3]
   d. 9 Dec 1916[F3]
  sp. Elizabeth Frazer/Fraser[F2,F3][G2]
4.*Verlinda [A1] (See Samuel Calhoun and Verlinda Dawson
5.*Nancy Ann
   b. 12 Sept 1834[F3]
   m. 22 Dec 1859[F3]
   d. Mar 1887
  sp. Joseph M. Hart
6. Mary Hoy
   b. 1836 [F3]
   d. 1900
   not married
7. Nicholas A
   b. 1838 [F3]
8. Infant
   b. 28 Feb 1840	
   d. 'next day'
9.* William Adelma
   b. 1 Feb 1841 [F3]
   m. 18 Feb 1869 [F3]
   d. 26 June 1922 [F3]
  sp. Ermina Calvin [F2,F3]
10. Thomas C.
   b. 1843
   d. 1890,not married
11. Narcissa V.
   b. 18 Aug 1847[F2]
   d. 19 Feb 1848[F2]
12. Franklin S.
   b. 11 July 1849 [F2]
   d. 22 Feb 1851 [F2]

The following siblings journeyed west - not necessarily as a group:

Nancy Dawson who m. Joseph Hart (to Colorado)
Benjamin Mackall Dawson,Sr. and Elizabeth Fraser (to Marshall Co. IA, Boulder CO and Johnson Co. Kansas)
Willliam Adelma Dawson and Armina Calvin(to El Paso, IL)
Verlinda Dawson who m. Samuel V. Calhoun (to El Paso, IL and Bates Co. MO)
--their daughter Ella went to Boulder, CO in the 1890s) Letters written by Verlinda's grandson, Fred V. West, indicate that the descendants of these Dawson siblings were still in contact in Kansas and Missouri in the 1920's

Family Group Sheet: Nancy Dawson and Joseph M. Hart

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Husband: Joseph M. Hart	[F3]			        Husband's Father: Samuel Hart  
b. 1 Aug 1834, PA					Husband's Mother: Sarah Kelly 
m. 22 Dec 1859, New Lisbon, Columbiana Co. OH			
d. 1 Aug 1916, East Liverpool, OH
bur. Long's Run Cemetery

Wife: Nancy Ann Dawson				        Wife's Father: George Dawson 
b. 12 Sept 1834, Calcutta, Columbiana Co. OH [F3]	Wife's Mother: Narcissa Dawson
d. March 1887, East Liverpool, OH
bur. Long's Run Cemetery

Children: [F3] 

1. Mattie May
   b. 7 Oct 1860
2. William A.  
   b. 14 Mar 1863, St. Claire Twp., Columbiana Co. OH
   m. not married
   d. 19 July l1923, Boulder CO 
3. Georgia Ann
   b. 1 May 1867, Smith's Ferry, Beaver Co. PA
   d. 11 Nov 1939, Boulder CO
  sp Oliver Downs
4. Bert B.
   b. 1 Nov 1871, Chicago IL
   m. 23 Dec 1891
   d. 17 Mar 1957, FL
  sp Benjamin Mackall Dawson, Jr.(son of Benjamin Mackall, Sr., below)

Family Group Sheet: Benjamin Mackall Dawson, Sr. and Elizabeth Fraser

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Husband: Benjamin Mackall 				Husband's Father: George Dawson
b. 16 June 1829, Calcutta, Columbiana Co. OH[F3]	Husband's Mother: Narcissa Dawson
m. 7 April 1853, Wellsville, Columbiana Co. OH[F3]		
d. 9 Dec 1916, Stanley, Johnson Co. KS[G2,G3]

Wife: Elizabeth Frazer[F2,F3,G2,G3]			Wife's Father: Daniel Frazer 
b. 15 April 1829, Yellowcreek, Columbiana Co OH [G2,G3] Wife's Mother: Euphemia Ogilvie
d.  2 Jul 1917, Stanley, Johnson Co. KS [G3]

Children: [F3] 

1. Mary Narcissa
   b. 25 April 1854, Yellow Creek, Columbiana Co. OH
   m. 18 Mar 1873
   d. 3 July 1934
  sp Daniel Diester 
2. Daniel Frazer  
   b. 18 Sep 1857, Marshalltown IA
   d. 6 Apr 1931
  sp Sarah Murray (divorced)
3. George Frank
   b. 10 May 1859, Marshalltown IA 
   m. not married
   d. 1 Nov 1940  
4. William Jesse.
   b. 1861 
   d. 1932 
  sp Trinvilla Naylor
5. Euphemia
   b. 8 Feb 1863, Parksville, Platte Co. MO
   d. 18 Feb 1863
6. Valinds Rachel
   b. 3 Mar 1864, Marshalltown IA
   m. 13 Sep 1881
   d. 27 May 1949, KS
  sp John Henry Rawie
7. Benjamin Mackall, Jr.[G2]  
   b. 22 May 1866, Marshalltown, Marshall Co IA
   m. 23 Jun 1891, Fort Scott, Bourbon Co KS
   d. 2 Sep 1940, Boulder, Boulder Co. CO
  sp Bert B. Hart (daugther of Nancy Dawson Hart, above)
8. John Moore [G3]
   b. 2 Jun 1868, Marshalltown, Marshall Co IA
   m. 24 Feb 1904, Buena Vista, Chafee Co.___ 
   d. 12 Nov 1944, Tucson, Pima Co. AZ
  sp Pearl Elizabeth Morrison.
9. Charles Batey
   b. 24 Feb 1870, Marshalltown IA
   m. not married
   d. 16 June 1896

Family Group Sheet: William Adelma Dawson and Armina Calvin

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Husband: William Adelma Dawson [F3]			Husband's Father: George Dawson
b. 1 Feb 1841, Calcutta, Columbiana Co. OH 		Husband's Mother: Narcissa Dawson
m. 18 Feb 1869, Pittsburgh, PA		
d. 26 June 1922, Fairbury, Livingston Co. IL

Wife: Armina Calvin					Wife's Father:  
b. 7 May 1848, Calcutta, Columbiana Co. OH		Wife's Mother:  
d. 10 Mar 1927, Fairbury, Livingston Co. OH 

Children: [F3] 

1. George Woodsworth
   b. 10 Dec 1869, El Paso, IL
   d. 17 Jan 1870
2. Blanche Berta
   b. 8 Nov 1870, El Paso, IL
   m. not married
   d. 23 July 1932
3. Mary Gabriel
   b. 30 Nov 1872, Weston, IL
   d. 20 Nov 1941
  sp Myron  Johnson
4. Dula May
   b. 20 Feb 1875, Weston, IL
   m. not married
   d. (res Fairbury 1969)
5. Joshua Calvin
   b. 13 Feb 1877, Weston, IL
   d. 20 July 1933
  sp Anna Lang
6. Ada Virlinda
   b. 18 Jan 1879, Weston, IL
   m. 1 Jan 1903
   d. 12 Jun 1940
  sp Irwin Wilson
7. Sheridan Swift
   b. 22 Oct 1880, Weston, IL
   m. 1 Dec 1909
   d. 23 Jul 1967
  sp Nellie Laurel Fry
8. Anna Myra
   b. 10 Mar 1883, Weston, IL
   m. 27 Feb 1907
   d. 13 Feb 1952
  sp Gilbert Womeldorff
9. James Courtney
   b. 2 Jan 1885
   d. 30 Jun 1894
10.Infant boy
   b. 18 Apr 1887, Weston, IL
   b. 13 Jun 1888, Weston, IL
   d. 10 Mar 1895

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Family Group Sheets of the parents and grandparents of George Dawson and Narcissa Dawson:

Nicholas Dawson and Rachel Moore (parents of Narcissa)

Benjamin Dawson and Elizabeth Wilkinson (parents of George)

Benoni Dawson and Rebecca Mackall (grandparents of both)

Family Group Sheet:Nicholas Dawson and Rachel Moore

Husband:Nicholas Dawson [F2]				Husband's Father: Benoni Dawson [F2]
b. 1772 Montgomery Co. MD				Husband's Mother: Rebecca Mackall[F2]
d. Calcutta, Columbiana Co. OH, 1855

Wife: Rachel Moore   				        Wife's Father: Augustine Moore  
b. 31 Aug 1777  					Wife's Mother: Verlinda Dawson  
d. 19 July 1846, Calcutta, Columbiana Co., OH

Children:[F2] [Source F3 not yet consulted]

1. Mackall
   d. Adams Co. OH
2. Augustine M.
   b. 19 Feb 1800
   d. (still res Calcutta 1873)
3. Benoni
   d. abt age 71, Calcutta
   d. Dec 1872, Pittsburg, PA
5. George A.
   b. 3 Nov 1817
   d.  (res Belair, IL 1873)
6. Nicholas
   m. not married  
   d. abt age 35 
7. Verlinda
   d. Jackson co. OH
  sp Thomas Creighton
8.* Narcissa Bever
   b. 11 Feb 1806  
  sp.George Dawson [first cousin]
9. Barbara Jones
   d. Medina Co., OH
  sp James Armstrong 
   b.7 Feb 1810  
  sp Thomas Creighton (not same as above)
   d. (res. Calcutta)
  sp John Armstrong 
   b. died in infancy.

Family Group Sheet:Benjamin Dawson and Elizabeth Wilkinson

Husband: Benjamin Dawson [F2,F3]		         Husband's Father: Benoni Dawson [F2,F3]
b. 1744, Frederick Co. MD[F3]				 Husband's Mother: Rebecca Mackall 
m. Abt 1782 in MD			
d. 16 May 1821 [F3]
bur.Georgetown emetery. [F3]  

Wife: Elizabeth Wilkinson				Wife's Father:  
b. 23 March 1780 [F3]				        Wife's Mother: 
d. 15 April 1866 							
bur.Georgetown emetery. [F3]  


1. Amos
   b. 1800 
   d.1861 [F3] (Res, Beaver Co., PA)[F2]
  sp. Rebecca Dawson [F3]
2. Joshua Wilkinson
   b. abt. 1802 [F3] 
   d.  Greene Co. IN [F2]
  sp.Mary McLaughlin [F3]  
   b.12 July 1804 [F2]  
   m.23 June 1825 [B1]  
   d.9 Aug 1866[F2]
  sp. Narcissa Dawson [F2,F3] 
4.John Low
   d. (res. Steuben Co. IN)[F2,F3]
  sp Pheobe Dix [F2,F3]
5.Nancy [F2,F3]
   d. (no issue) 
  sp. Thomas Blackmore
6. Catharine[F2]
   d. (res Athens OH)[F2]
  sp Dr. John Dixon [F2,F3]
7. Olivia
   d.Wellsburg WVA[F2]
  sp Harrison Harvey [F3] 
8. Eliza
   d.(res Calcutta)
 sp Peter Fisher [F2] Michael Fisher [F3] (see Rebecca below)
9. Amassa
   d. (res Calcutta) 
  sp.Henry Fisher
   b.1817 [F3]
   d.(res Ohioville, PA)
  sp Dr. James Scroggs (of Ohioville, Beaver Co. PA)  
11. Rebecca
   d. res Cameron, Clinton Co. MO[F3]
  sp Peter Fisher 

Family Group Sheet:Benoni Dawson and Rebecca Mackall

Husband: Benoni Dawson [F2,F3]				Husband's Father: Thomas Dawson [F2,F3]
b. 1742, Pr. George Co. MD[F3]			        Husband's Mother: Elizabeth Lowe [F2,F3]
m. 1764, MD  [F3]			
d. 16 May 1806,[F3] or 6 May 1806 [F2] Mill Creek
    Beaver Co. PA 
bur. Georgetown Graveyard [F2]

Wife: Rebecca Mackall [F2]				Wife's Father: Nicholas Dawson [F2]
b. abt 1741 [F3] 					Wife's Mother: Rachel Moore [F2]
d.6 Oct 1816 
bur. Georgetown Graveyard [F3] 

Children [F2,G2] all born in Calcutta, Columbiana Co., OH:

1. Thomas
   b. abt 1765 [F2,F3] 
   d. abt 1817 [F2] ore 1812 [F3], Georgetown, PA
  sp. Nancy Ann Dawson [F3]
2. Benoni
   b. 20 Aug 1769, MD [F2]
   d. 14 Nov 1844, Georgetown, PA[F2]
  sp. Catherine P.D. McKinnon [ F3]  
   b. abt 1780 [F3] 
   d. 1830 abt age 50 [F3]
  sp. Jane Mackall [F3]
   b. 1771 [F2] 
   d. 1830 [F3]Georgetown, PA  [F2]
  sp Rachel Porter [F3]
   b. 1772[F2,F3]
   d. Calcutta, Columbiana Co. OH 1855[F2]
  sp. Rachel Moore[F2,F3]
   b. abt 1774 [F3]
   d.1821 [F3]
  sp Elizabeth Wilkinson [F2,F3]  
7. Robert D.
   b. 1777 [F3]
   d. 18 Jan 1801 [F3] Georgetown, PA
8. John Lowe
   b.1777 [F3]
   d.1832 [F3]
 sp Mary Cotton
10. Nancy Brooks [F2]
  sp John Bever: child Mytilla Bever  who m. James L. Bowman, Brownsville, PA.[F2]
11.Rebecca Mackall [F3]
   b.  1782
  sp William White  
12.James M. [F3]
   b. 27 May 1784 
   d. 1843 (no issue)
13.Mary S.
   d.(res. Smith's Ferry, Beaver co. PA)  
  sp. James Blackmore
14.Elizabeth Lowe
   d.(res. Brooke Co. WVA
  sp Charles Blackmore