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1.  Peter Haralson immigrated to VA ca. 1715, 
	m. _____Chambers, in Hanover Co., VA, 
	d. bef. 1750, Henrico Co., VA
        Children: surname Haralson etc.
               i         Eliza 
2. 	      ii.        Burgess, b. bef. 1718, 
			      m. Elizabeth [Gaines]
                              d. 9 May 1772, Orange County, VA. 
				1.Elijah[2], b.? 
				     m. Sarah______ [Sarah Barnette, Sarah Brooks?]
				     d. 1788 
					1. J. or E [2] b. bef 1772
					2.Others (possibly Jemima)
				2. Ezekiel, b.
				     m. Jane Chambers, d. 1780 
        			        1. William, b. aft. 1758[3]
					2. Burgess b. aft. 1758 [3]	
					3. John b. aft. 1758[3][ ]
					4. Elizabeth b. aft 1758[3]
				3. Elishba, b.
				     m. Elkhanah Haralson (son of Paul )[2]
				4. Drusilla[2]
				5. Jemima[2]
3.		iii        Nathaniel, b.?
				 m. Dorene_____
				 d. 1781[ ]
					1. Mary, b. bef. 1760
					   m. ____Smith
					2. Thomas, b. aft. 1760
					3. Tobias, b. aft. 1760
					4.	Nathan, b. aft. 1760
					5.	Jeremiah, b. aft. 1760
4.	         iv        Paul, b. bef. 1725
				 m. Nancy Lea, 1745, Henrico Co. VA
				 d. bef. 1805[ ]
					1. Herndon, b. 12 Oct 1757
					    m. Mary Murphy, 4 Oct 1791
					    d. 1847, Madison Co., TN 
						1. Archibald, b. 1792
						2. Others born after 1792  
					2. James (migrated to Holstein R., TN)[7]
					3. Paul, b. 6 Sep 1760
					    m. Mary Fulton, 18 Dec 1779, Knox Co. TN
					    d. 11 Jan, 1835, Randolph Co. 
					4. Jonathon, migrated to Georgia after Revolution[7]
					5. David
					6. Abner
					7. Elkhannah ? (or 5th son of Peter)
					     m. Elishba, dau. of  Burgess[ ], d. abt. 1781 
						1. Reubin
						2. Macajah
						8. Unidentified male
						9.-13. Unidentified females
5.	       v.         Unidentified male--possibly Elkhanah above (son of Paul)
		vi.       Unidentified females


Burgess Harrilson (A 152/160) May 5, 1772, Orange County: Mentions wife Elizabeth; sons Elijah and Ezekiel; daughters Elishba, wife of Elkhanah Harellson, Drucilla and Jimima; land in Henrico County, Virginia; grandson J. Harrilson, the oldest son of Elijah Harrilson; land purchased of my brother Paul Harrilson. Executor: Ezekiel Harrilson, Elkhannah Harrilson; witness: John Harrilson.

Ezekiel Harrelson (A-85) 1779, Caswell County: Mentions wife Jane and her brother, John Chambers; sons William and Burgess, John and dau. Elizabeth; Patterson land, still and carpenter tools. All children minors. William the eldest.

John Harralson power of att A-504) Caswell County: Mentions he is son of Ezekiel "Herald" deceased; Adams and Castle Creeks aka Hico Cr. Being land of Burgess Haraldson deceased, willed and bequeathed to his daughter Drucilla, 229 acres.

Nathaniel Harrelson (A-133) 1781, Caswell County: Mentions wife, Dorene; daughter Mary Smith; minor sons Thomas, Tobias, Nathan, Jeremiah; plantation.

Elknannah Harrelson (A-134) 1781) Caswell County: Document not abstracted. Rough notes indicate that a court proceeding was held in regard to the orphans of Elkhannah-- Reubin and Macajah

Paul Haralson, (W 4/1) 1805/6 Person County: Mentions Herndon, James, Paul, Jonathon, David, Abner and children.

Elijah Harrilson Probate File: Papers 1788-1790, Caswell County, NC. Refers to Sarah Haralson, widow, orphan, Ezekial (who choses George Vaughn his guardian); payments to orphans, Reuben Jesse and Bradley and guardian John Rogers. Mentions execution of will, proved by oaths of [Thomas Motin?], Elizabeth Barnett and Rebecah Chambers. May Court 1779.

Paul Haralson, Person Co., NC, Will Bk. I 4/1, 1805.


Caswell County:

Elkhannah Harroldson (Caswell County Deed Book B, p. 107; G, p. 517) 1780. Grantee--deed to Land on Hico River: witness Elijah Harellson

Hearndon Haralson (Deed Book G, p. 17) 1790, Grantor--deed to land on Hico River.

Elijah Haralson (Deed Bk A, p. 315; E, p. 193) 1787, Grantor--deed to William Chambers on Marlowe and Ghent Creeks