Lunenburg County--parent county of Pittsylvania and Halifax Counties:
Landon C. Bell, Sunlight on the South Side (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1974), pp. 67, 75, 109.)

George Vaughn Tithe 1, p. 67, 109
Joseph Morton Tithe 5, p. 75

Prince Edward County:
Herbert Clarence Bradshaw, History of Prince Edward Co. VA, (Richmond, VA: The Dietz Press, Inc., 1955)

Some Morton families were prominent in Prince Edward County from its inception: Joseph Morton who married Agnes Woodson; Senator Abraham Venable, whose daughter Elizabeth married Josiah Morton [b. 1737]. Mortons, Venables and Vaughns lived at Slate Hill. Families with which the Mortons were associated in North Carolina and Kentucky were also seen in Prince Edward County.

Census, Prince Ed Co. 1785 Census/Tax:
	p. 101
	Morton, Josiah 4 - -
		Thos Sr 3-1-
		Saml	100-1-2
		Thos Jr 10-0-0
		Elizabeth 5-1-17
		Abraham 1-1-5

	Crain,	John 10-1-  -
	Morton, John 10-1-9
	 	John Jr. 7-1-1
		Rich 7-1-2
		James 35-1-4
	Vaughn, Thom 12-1-6
		Nich 8-1-2
	Barnett, John 2-1--


Pittsylvania County:
Maude Carter Clement, History of Pittsylvania County, VA (Lynchburg VA, J.P. Bell Co. Inc, 1929)

A Virginia patent issued to Joseph Morton on Sandy Cr., 1751 (land in what became Pittsylvania County)

Will of Joseph Morton, Sr. dated 1749 proven in Halifax Court March 20, 1753 naming wife Elizabeth, children: John, Joseph, Jehu; execrs: Joseph Morton, Jr., wife and John. Wits: Thomas Morton, Saml Morton and Joseph Morton Jr. Joseph Morton Sr. said to be brother of John Morton of Henrico and Thomas Morton Sr. (father of Thomas Morton wit.)

Pittsylvania 1785 Census p. 99
John Morton 10 white souls, 3 bldgs (same page as James Crane)