1. The referenced society is now called the "Landmark Society of Western New York" (LSWNY), 130 Spring St., Rochester, New York, 14608. Property now known as Stone-Tolan House, to acknowledge the previous owners, the Tolans, who purchased it from the Stones.

2. German Bible of Jacobus Mabee [hereinafter Mabee Bible]. Formerly in the possession of Margaret MacNab, it was given in 1998 to Maude Frank, Town Historian, Penfield, NY.

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4. West Family Bible Records, [birth, marriage, death, 1735-1889] [hereinafter West Family.] Source consists of eight photocopied pages of anonymous handwritten vital records donated to Stone-Tolan House family file LSWNY (copies in the Appendix.) The author believes they consist of transcriptions of records of the families of Pelatiah West, Daniel West, and Orringh Stone, with a few primary records of the later families of Orson West and Henry Knickerbocker.

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9. MacNab, Northfield states that Enos of Guilford (note 6 above) was father of Enos of Litchfield (note 8 above). However Enos Stone of Guilford married a Sarah and the mother of Enos of Litchfield is named Mary. Perhaps Sarah died and Enos then married Mary. No death record for Sarah nor marriage record for Enos and Mary has been found. The connection between the Guilford and Litchfield Enos Stones is therefore a matter of conjecture.

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12. Hyde, Lee, p. 135 mentions Pelatiah West, investor from Tolland. The Wests bought a large tract of unincorporated land in 1769 near Rattlesnake Hill. By 1771 Pelatiah West had brought a large contingent of family and friends from Tolland to settle in what became Lee, MA bordering Lenox on the south. See Loren P. Waldo, An Address before the Tolland County Historical Society, August 22, 27, 1861 (Hartford: Press of Case, Lockwood & Co., 1861) pp. 90, 91, 121.

13. Mac Nab, Northfield, p. 305 claims Orringh was born in Litchfield, CT. However a certified record sent to author by Litchfied, CT Clerk,states that there is no record of a birth for Orringh Stone near 1767 in the Town's Vital Statistics. This confirms author's personal inspection of Litchfield records in 1987.

14. Enos Stone, elected Hog Reef, March 4, 1772, Lenox Records.

15. Letter dated 31 Jan. 1765, Sir William [sic] Johnson Papers, Vol. XI; as cited in Steve Mabie, "Solutions," unpublished research paper, .Nd., San Antonio, Texas, hereinafter Mabie, Solutions. Further explanation of letter contents in personal communication by email to author from, 24 July 2000.

16. Professor Jonathon Pearson, A History of the Schenectady Patent (Albany, NY: J. Munsell, 1882) [hereinafter Pearson, Schnectady Patent] pp. 66, 130. Jan Pieterse Mebie married Anna Borsboom de Steinbakker. See also Jonathon Pearson, Contributions for the Genealogies of the first Settlers of the Patent and City of Schenactady from 1662-1800 (Albany, NY: J. Munsell, 1873).

17. Pearson, Schnectady Patent, p. 130. Trustees of Village conveyed quiet title April 6, 1708 to house on Church Street destroyed in village fire 1689/90. In 1702 Jan Mebie was among the adult freeholders who signed a petition with 35 other villagers to modify the 1684 Schenectady Patent.

18. Ibid, p. 132, citing Schnectady Co. Deed Book, VI, p. 215.

19. Ibid, p. 131, citing Schnectady Co. Deed Book V, p. 79 and VI, p. 215, Jan Pieterse Mebie from Daniel Janse Van Antwerpen, one of the original settlers. He is believed to have built the house in 1680. The Jan Mebie/Mabee Farm is managed by the Schenectady County Historical Society which claims it is the oldest farm in Mohawk Valley, owned by the same family for nearly 300 years.

20. Ibid, pp. 130-132.

21. Mac Nab, Northfield, p. 227. This work states that Jacobus lived in the Rotterdam Junction house but do not state from which Mebie line, if any, Jacobus descended. Pearson does not account for a Jacobus of appropriate age among Jan's descendants. In addition the fact that Jacobus' children were born at German Flatts and Stone Arabia tends to suggest he did not live at Rotterdam Junction.

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24. Ibid. A Jan Pieterse, son of Anna Peek, no father named, was baptized 9 Oct. 1708. Steve Mabie speculates that this Jan Pieterse _____ is the illegitimate son of Pieter Mebie, eldest son of Jan Pieterse Mebie.

25. According to the Mabee Bible, the ceremony was performed by Johan Casparus Lappius. According to Church Records cited by Steve Mabie, Lappius served at that time at the Reformed German Church at Sand Hill (Canojoharie).

26. Mabee Bible; the records contain only dates, no places.

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32. Wood, Lenox, p. 20; see also Lenox Records, Aug. 16 and 27, 1776. The Selectmen held a divisive debate over the issue of inoculation because the townspeople desperately sought preventative measures. They held a town meeting in August of 1776, "to see if the town will come into some measures whereby the enokalition of smallpox may be carried on in said town." The motion carried and a group of five was appointed to see that the doctor "don't spread the infection!"

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