Early Settlers of Solon, Iowa

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The purpose of this report is to explore the origins of the first settlers of Solon

. One of the objectives is to provide a framework for studying any possible group migrations to Solon. It is addressed to anyone researching Solon history or its settlers.

Comments and additions are welcome.

Marilou West Ficklin



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9. Although reference 1 (above) attributes the name "Solon" to one of Ander's sons, the 1850 census does not show such a son in Ander's household. Perhaps the child had died by then. Alternatively, the origin of the name "Solon" might reflect the hometown of one of the founders, ae, Solon, Cortland County, New York.

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Adams, E.M.Signatory, Families, Yearbook 1866-97
Adams, Ebenezer Families
Adams, Ebenezer M. 1838 Census
Adams, John Gold Rush (See Felkner)
Adams, Louisa Families
Adams, Moses Signatory, Families, Yearbook 1866-97, 1900, Adams Biography
Adams, Moses A.Service
Agelin, JohnSignatory
Agy, John 1838 Census
Anders, Paul B. Families
Andrews Birthplace , Migration
Andrews, Emaly 1850 Census
Andrews, Paul B. 1850 Census
Arrosmith Birthplace , Migration
Arrosmith, Abner 1840 Census,1850 Census , Families
Arrosmith, Elizabeth 1850 Census
Arrosmith, Wesley Families
Arrowsmith, Abner 1838 Census
Aslin Birthplace , Migration
Aslin, Adaline 1850 Census
Aslin, John 1850 Census
Ballan/Ballou, Harriet (see Spurrier) Families
Baxter, Allen 1838 Census
Beiser, Volentine 1850 Census
Benson, J.C. Pratt Biography
Benson, M.T. Pratt Biography
Benson, Mary Pratt Biography
Benter Birthplace , Migration
Benter, Anastasia 1850 Census
Benter, Joseph 1850 Census
Bentley, A.F. Pratt Biography
Binegal, Andrew 1838 Census
Black, George R. Pratt Biography
Blain Birthplace , Migration
Blain, A.W. Service, Township Map
Blain, Archibal 1850 Census
Blain, Julia A. 1850 Census
Bolster, Thomas 1838 Census
Bowen, Isaac 1838 Census
Bowers Birthplace , Migration
Bowers, John, Jr. 1850 Census
Bowers, Willa 1850 Census
Brakel Birthplace , Migration
Brakel, J. Township Map
Brakel, John 1850 Census , Families , Boomtown , Service
Brakel, Margaret 1850 Census
Brakel, Mary Families
Breese, J.R. Kerr Biography
Brooks, Almira (see Kerr) Families,Kerr Biography
Brier, Rev. J.W. Gold Rush (See Felkner)
Brown Migration
Brown, Alban McGrew Biography
Brown, Edwin 1838 Census, Yearbook 1866-97
Brown, Edwin A. 1840 Census , Families
Brown, Huldah Families
Brown, J. Township Map
Brown, J.G. Families
Brown, Mrs. P.C.Women
Brown, P.C.Signatory, McGrew Biography
Brown, Peleg Families
Brown, Peleg C. 1850 Census
Brown, Peliezene C. 1838 Census
Brown, Stephen 1838 Census
Brown, Thomas 1838 Census
Buchanan, James 1838 Census, Yearbook 1866-97, 1900
Buchanan, WilliamBoomtown
Burge, John 1838 Census
Burns Birthplace , Migration
Burns, Elizabeth 1850 Census
Cain, John A. 1838 Census
Caldwell, R.C.Boomtown
Calkin, Mary 1850 Census
Calkin, Norman 1850 Census , Families
Calkin/Calkins Birthplace , Migration
Cambell Birthplace , Migration
Cambell, Bertha 1850 Census
Cambell, James W. 1850 Census
Cambell, Rosana 1850 Census
Cambridge Birthplace , Migration
Cambridge, Middleton 1850 Census
Cannon Migration, Birthplace
Cannon, Julia A. 1850 Census
Cannon, Wilbur 1850 Census
Cannon, William 1850 Census, ME Church
Cannon, William D. 1840 Census , Families
Case Birthplace , Migration
Case, Joseph 1850 Census
Case, Joseph B. Families
Case, Margaret 1850 Census , Families
Case, Nathaniel 1850 Census
Case, Nathaniel Families
Case, Othaniel Families
Chandler, Elizabeth Stiles Biography
Chandler, William Stiles Biography
Chase, Stephen 1838 Census
Chase, Whetan 1838 Census
Chevalier, Charlotte (see McGrew) Families
Choate, JohnSignatory
Choats, J.M. 1840 Census
Clark Birthplace , Migration
Clark, Alvina E. 1850 Census
Clark, Philip Yearbook 1918-19, Felkner Biography
Clark, Timothy B. 1850 Census , Families
Clark, Timothy Service
Conley, Amanda 1850 Census
Conley, Amelia 1850 Census
Conley, Lewis 1838 Census
Conley, Mathilda Families
Conley, Minerva 1850 Census
Conley, Presley 1838 Census , Families , Service , 1850 Census
Conley/Connelly Birthplace , Migration
Conley/Connelly, Mrs. Press Women
Conlogue, Samuel 1838 Census
Conlouge, Mary 1840 Census
Connelly, Charles Women
Connelly, P.N. Boomtown
Connelly, Presley Yearbook 1866-97
Connely, Mrs. Phebe Women
Connely, Presley (See Conley) Families
Connor Birthplace , Migration
Connor, William 1850 Census
Connor, Phebe 1850 Census
Costley, Philo 1840 Census, Signatory
Cox Birthplace , Migration
Cox, David 1838 Census
Cox, Elijah 1838 Census ,1840 Census
Cox, Lidia (?) 1850 Census
DeBoice Birthplace , Migration
DeBoice, Ann 1850 Census
DeBoice, William H. 1850 Census,Service
Dennis Birthplace , Migration
Dennis, Amanda Isabel(see Conley) Families
Dennis, Bryan Gold Rush (see Shepard), Yearbook 1866-97
Dennis, Eliza J. 1850 Census
Dennis, James 1850 Census , Families
Dennis, Malton/Milton F. 1850 Census
Dennis, Martha 1850 Census
Dennis, Milton Families , Service
Derrickson, William 1840 Census
Devault (See DuValt) Migration, Birthplace
Devault, Henry 1850 Census
Devault, Charles 1850 Census, Yearbook 1866-97
Devault, Strauder Stiles Biography
Devault, StrawderService
Devault, Rachael 1850 Census
Drenn(?), Louisa 1850 Census
Drenn(?), William 1850 Census
DuPont, William 1838 Census
DuValt Migration
DuValt, Caroline E. 1850 Census
DuValt, Stod--- 1850 Census
DuValt Birthplace
Eagan, John 1838 Census
Eagan, Joseph 1838 Census
Eells, C (?) 1850 Census
Eells, Martha 1850 Census
Eells, Mary E. 1850 Census
Ells Birthplace , Migration
Estabrook, John Vedward Families
Estabrook, Joseph Families
Esterbrook/Estabrook Migration, Birthplace
Esterbrook/Estabrook, Porter Families
Esterbrook, PorterService
Esterbrooke, Margarett 1850 Census
Esterbrooke, Porter 1850 Census
Fackler Birthplace Fackler Migration
Fackler, Elizabeth 1850 Census
Fackler, Mrs. W. Women
Fackler, SamuelService
Fackler, Volentine 1850 Census
Falkler [sic], Valentine 1840 Census
Felkner, Henry 1838 Census , Families , WPA History , Signatory , Service
    , Yearbooks 1866-97, 1900, 1918-19 , Felkner Biography , Gold Rush
Felkner, William Felkner Biography
Fellows, Nathaniel 1838 Census
Fife, Martha (see Dennis) Families
Ford, Thomas (see West) Families
Ford, W.B. Yearbook 1918-19
Foster Birthplace
Foster Migration
Foster, David 1850 Census
Foster, Mary 1850 Census
Fowler, Chancey 1840 Census
Fowler, Charles Families
Fowler, Chauncey Families
Fowler, Hiram Service
Fowler, Mrs. Charles Women
Fowler, William C. Families
Frisbee, A.H. (see West) Families
Fry, Simon 1840 Census , Gold Rush
Gardner, John 1838 Census
Gates Birthplace , Migration
Gates, Catharine 1850 Census
Gates, Wentlen (?) 1850 Census
Gibson, James M.Service
Gilbert, John 1838 Census , WPA History
Gillen, Charles 1840 Census
Gipson Birthplace , Migration
Gipson, Elizabeth 1850 Census
Gipson, James A. 1850 Census
Gower, Clarissa (see West) Families
Graver Birthplace , Migration
Graver, Elizabeth 1850 Census
Graver, Kesper 1850 Census
Griffith Birthplace , Migration
Griffith, Catherine Families, West Biography
Griffith, Cyrus Families
Griffith, Elizabeth 1850 Census , Families, West Biography
Griffith, James 1850 Census , Families, West Biography
Griffith, Joseph Families
Griffith, Rachel Families
Griffith, William H. Families
Guilor, John 1838 Census
Hall, Elizabeth (see Griffith) Families
Hallar, John 1838 Census
Hamilton, Isaiah 1838 Census
Hamilton, Yale 1838 Census
Hanson, Benjamin 1838 Census
Harboll Birthplace , Migration
Harboll, Nancy 1850 Census
Harden, James 1838 Census
Harless, Martin 1838 Census
Hawkins, Judge Gold Rush (See Felkner)
Heinsius, F.A. Boomtown
Hess, John Boomtown
Hess, S.J. Gold Rush (see Shepard)
Hess, Samuel J. Gold Rush (See Felkner)
Hoover, Herbert Stiles Biography
Hill Birthplace
Hill, Green 1838 Census
Hill, Hannah Families,West Biography
Hill, Joseph Families
Hill, Rachel Families
Holler, John L. 1840 Census
Hoops, Mary (see Spurrier) Families
Huse (?), Sarah A. 1850 Census
Huss, Martha Malvina (see Conley) Families
Jewet, Leander 1840 Census
Johnson, Sylvanus Yearbook 1866-97
Kellogg, Lucy (see Calkin) Families
Kelso, Ellen (see Payne) Families
Kent, Charlotte (see Arrosmith) Families
Kerr Birthplace , Migration
Kerr, Almira 1850 Census
Kerr, H.H. Service , Boomtown
Kerr, Hamilton Kerr Biography,West Biography , Families
Kerr, Hamilton H. 1850 Census
Keshner, Mary N. 1850 Census
Keshner, Michael 1850 Census
Keshner/Cashner Birthplace , Migration
King, Mrs. Thomas Women
Lake, Mary (see Payne) Families
Larcomb, John Gold Rush (see Shepard)
Lasher, I.C. (see West) Families
Lewis, Elizabeth Felkner Biography
Lewis, Enoch Felkner Biography
Lewis, I.M. Pratt Biography
Lewis, Miles K. Adams Biography
Lewis, Mourning Felkner Biography
Lingle Birthplace , Migration
Lingle, John 1850 Census
Lingle, Mary J. 1850 Census
Lingle, Thomas Lingle Biography
Lyman Birthplace , Migration
Lyman, Harvey 1840 Census , 1850 Census , Families , ME Church
Lyman, Josiah 1838 Census
Lyman, Mary G. 1850 Census
Lyon, Elizabeth Families
Lyon ME Church
Lyons, Elizabeth 1840 Census
Magruder, James 1838 Census
Mattas, George Boomtown
McConnell, James Gold Rush (see Shepard)
McCormick, Dr. Gold Rush (See Felkner), Yearbook 1918-19
McCune Birthplace , Migration
McCune, Charles 1850 Census , Service, Yearbook 1866-97, 1900
McCune, Charles W. Township Map
McCune, Daniel 1850 Census
McCune, Phebe 1850 Census
McDonald Birthplace , Migration
McDonald, E (?) 1850 Census
McDonald, E.J.Service
McDonald, Eliza 1850 Census
McDonald, Margaret 1850 Census
McDowell Birthplace , Migration
McDowell, Henry 1850 Census , Service
McDowell, Margaret 1850 Census
McGrew Birthplace , Migration
McGrew, J.B.Signatory , ME Church
McGrew, Jesse 1838 Census , Service, McGrew Biography
McGrew, Jesse B. Families
McGrew, Jessee B. 1850 Census
McGrew, John C. Families
McGrew, John Chevalier Families
McGrew, Joseph [sic] B. 1840 Census
McGrew, Sharlotty 1850 Census
McGrew, William Families
McGrue, Mrs. J.B. Women
McIntyre, William 1840 Census
Miller, David 1840 Census
Morris, William 1838 Census
Morse, E.K. 1840 Census, Signatory, Yearbook 1918-19
Morse, Mrs. S.E.Women
Myers, Eli Felkner Biography
Neville, Blanchard Pratt Biography
Newcomb, A.B. Boomtown
Newcomb, Alphonso B. Service
Nichols, John Pratt Biography
Nicholson, Henry Service
Nickleson Birthplace , Migration
Nickleson, Henry 1850 Census
Nickleson, Maria 1850 Census
O'Donnell, Isabel (see McGrew) Families
Ollerman, boy 1850 Census
Orr, R.W. 1840 Census
Osborn, George (see Hill) Families
Pain, Evan 1850 Census
Pain, Ruth 1850 Census
Palmer Birthplace , Migration
Palmer, Charles 1850 Census
Parks, Harrison (see West) Families
Parks, Jahial 1838 Census
Parks, Jahiel 1840 Census
Parks, Jehiel (see West) Families
Parks, Jehiel Families
Parks, Mrs. George Women
Parks, Mrs. Jehiel Women
Parvin, T.S. Yearbook 1918-19
Patterson, Peter Gold Rush (See Felkner)
Paul, George Yearbook 1918-19
Payn/Payne/Pain Birthplace , Migration
Payn, Elizabeth 1850 Census
Payn, Ellen 1850 Census
Payn, James 1850 Census
Payn, Joseph 1850 Census
Payn, Willliam 1850 Census
Payne, E. Township Map
Payne, Evan, Service
Payne, James Service , Families, Yearbook 1866-97
Payne, Joseph 1850 Census , Families
Payne, Mary (?) 1850 Census
Payne, William Families, Township Map
Payne, William Jr.Service
Pelton, Mary S. (see Lyman) Families
Peckenpaugh, Eliabeth Corbin (see Arrosmith) Families
Peninger Birthplace , Migration
Peninger, Jane 1850 Census
Peninger, Joseph 1850 Census
Pinnegar, Jo Service
Porter, Theda (see Estabrook) Families
Pratt, Alba B., Pratt Biography
Pratt, Cynthia Pratt Biography
Pratt, Charles Service, Township Map
Pratt, Elias Pratt Biography
Pratt, E.P. Pratt Biography , Service
Pratt, Ephraim Porter Families, Pratt Biography
Pratt, Fannie, Mrs. Families, Boomtown
Pratt, Jasper N. Pratt Biography
Pratt, Julia Families Pratt, Julia A. Families
Pratt, Lavinna Frances, Pratt Biography
Pratt, Margaret A., Pratt Biography
Pratt, Mary Eliza, Pratt Biography
Pratt, Melissa Abeline, Pratt Biography
Pratt, Norman N., Pratt Biography
Pratt, Olive L., Pratt Biography
Pratt, Sarah Jane, Pratt Biography
Pratt, Sophia, Pratt Biography
Pratt, Viola, Pratt Biography
Price ME Church
Randall, D.R. Boomtown
Reed, Elizabeth (see Arrosmith) Families
Riddle, Frank Lingle Biography
Roberts, Amanda, Pratt Biography
Roberts, Amos, Pratt Biography
Roberts, Mary, Pratt Biography
Robinson Birthplace , Migration
Robinson, Catharine 1850 Census
Robinson, James Y.Service
Robinson, Jane 1850 Census
Robinson, John 1850 Census
Robinson, Joseph 1850 Census
Robinson, Robert 1850 Census
Robinson, Thomas 1850 Census
Roe Birthplace , Migration
Roe, Perlina 1850 Census
Roe, Rice 1850 Census
Sanders Birthplace , Migration
Sanders, Cyrus Families , Signatory,West Biography, , Service
Schere Birthplace , Migration
Schere, Henry 1850 Census
Sells Birthplace , Migration
Sells, Anthony 1850 Census , Signatory , Service
Sells, Sarah 1850 Census
Sels, Godfrey 1850 Census
Sels, Mary 1850 Census
Shepard, Edmund Gold Rush
Smith Birthplace , Migration
Smith, Daniel 1850 Census
Smith, Daniel B.Service
Smith, David Doke 1840 Census , Service
Smith, D.H. Township Map
Smith, Doke D. 1850 Census
Smith, J. Township Map
Smith, Jane 1850 Census
Smith, John 1850 Census
Smith, Maria 1850 Census
Smith, Rebecca 1850 Census
Smith, William 1840 Census , 1850 Census , Service
Smith,Mary 1850 Census
Spurrier Birthplace , Migration
Spurrier, Henry Families
Spurrier, Mary Families
Spurrier, Mathilda Families
Spurrier, Mrs. Warner Women
Spurrier, Warner 1850 Census , Families
Spurrier, William ME Church
Spurrier, William Monroe Families
Spurrier, Wilmot Families , Families
Spurrier, Harriett 1850 Census
Spurrier, SamuelME Church
Starn, Mary An (see Case) Families
Statser Birthplace , Migration
Statser, Rudolph 1850 Census
Statser, Wendall 1850 Census
Stetzer, RudolphService
Stiles Birthplace , Migration
Stiles, Clarissa 1850 Census , Families
Stiles, Elizabeth Stiles Biography
Stiles, Hannah Stiles Biography
Stiles, Mary Stiles Biography
Stiles, Warren Stiles Biography , 1838 Census , Families , Gold Rush , Signatory , 1850 Census
Stout, Hannah Families, West Biography
Strawbridge, J.K. Yearbook 1918-19
Sturgis, William WPA History , 1838 Census
Styles, Warren 1840 Census
Sunier, Stephen Stiles Biography
Sutliff, Tully (see Spurrier) Families
Swain, Polly Pratt Biography
Swan, Chauncey Gold Rush
Swisher, Benjamin Yearbook 1918-19
Switzer, David Yearbook 1918-19
Templeman Birthplace, Migration
Templeman, John 1850 Census
Templeman, Moses (see Spurrier) Families , 1850 Census , Service
Templeman, Catharine 1850 Census
Thompson Birthplace , Migration
Thompson, Lidia A. 1850 Census
Thompson, Mary (see Calkin) Families
Thompson, Nelson 1850 Census
Thompson, Oliver 1850 Census
Thompson, Sarah 1850 Census
Thurston, Eunice Smith (see Estabrook) Families
Tipinhorn, Sarah Women
Tipinhorn, Conrad Women
Tramble Birthplace , Migration
Tramble, Caroline 1850 Census
Tramble, Frances 1850 Census
Trimble, Francis Service
Upmore Birthplace , Migration
Upmore, Louisa 1850 Census
Upmore, William 1850 Census
Vinegar, Andrew 1840 Census
Walter Birthplace , Migration
Walter, Anthony 1850 Census
Walter, Barbary 1850 Census
Warnhol Birthplace , Migration
Warnhol, Elizabeth 1850 Census
Warnhol, Frederic 1850 Census
Warnhol, William 1850 Census
Webster, Harriet (see Fowler) Families
Wells, Levi 1840 Census
West Birthplace , Migration
West, Clarissa 1850 Census
West, John (see Parks) Families
West, John ME Church , West Biography , 1840 Census , 1850 Census , Families , Boomtown
West, Orson West Biography , Families , Service , 1850 Census
Whipple, Julia A. (see Cannon and Pratt) Families
White Birthplace , Migration
White, Elizabeth 1850 Census
White, John 1850 Census, Pratt Biography, Township Map
White, Solomon Pratt Biography
White, William 1850 Census
Willets, Lydia Ann (see McGrew) Families
Willis, R.Signatory
Willis, Richard 1840 Census
Wolcott, Abner WPA History
Wray, David Yearbook 1918-19
Yewell, George Gold Rush (see Shepard)
Yarborough, Hannah (see Hill) Families
Yarborough, Zachariah (see Hill) Families

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